Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weekend Catch Up!

Firstly, thank you all so much for the lovely comments and hello to my new followers!

Well as you know, we had a little family party on Friday evening to celebrate Mia's birthday and i've already shared the finished pictures of the Titanic cake! We had a really enjoyable evening, and Mia had some wonderful gifts. This year she had opted to have a select few smaller presents as opposed to one or two substantial ones, and had presented us with her "list" some months ago!

I've probably mentioned her obsession with "weird dolls" previously! And this one was no exception! She has deemed it her "favourite present", and cost the grand sum of £1.99 from the local Oxfam shop!! She had seen it in the window back in February and had begged that she have it for her birthday. I gave in, nipped back to buy it, and she'd been hiding at the back of my dresser ever since!;

Just look at that face!! This caused a great deal of amusement to our parents and in-laws when she opened it!

Two Polish wooden dolls (circa 1950's/60's), from Ebay. She collects these after finding her first one on a vintage stall last year;

Some "Titanic" goodies;

This Turtle Necklace which she spotted in Tesco and promptly added to her list!; (I love it too - I can see myself borrowing it from time to time!)

And some lovely cards;

A helium Balloon to match her dress!; - I had some fun trying to carry this home the 10 minute walk in the wind..imagine crazy lady, pushing a pram through the Tesco car park, whilst trying to keep hold of a huge Hello Kitty balloon which is desperately trying to blow away in the wind, and you will get the picture! It actually managed to escape from my clutches at one stage and by some miracle I managed to grab the string just before it whizzed off in to the heart was in my mouth, I must have looked ridiculous! Baby Boy looked very amused from his pram.

And if that ordeal wasn't enough, later on I made the same journey with 5 more helium balloons, which against all the odds actually made it home in one piece! Mia was thrilled..a strange combination of skulls and Hello Kitty, but she loved it!

We all had a lovely evening, and the Titanic cake went down a treat!;

We also had a great day out at the Dan-yr-Ogof Showcaves on Saturday, which I will post about tomorrow. I hope you are all having a good week!

Marina xx


  1. Hi Marina my swapping friend ~So happy to meet you! What a cute blog you have and your daughter is adorable....Ha the love of weird dolls now that could make for some fun collecting indeed. I am in awe over the Titanic cake it is amazing!! I think it is so sweet how you celebrated your daughters individuality, that must have made for a very special birthday for her ~I am going to peek over your blog and get to know you. For address exchange my email is ~xx Heather

  2. The Polish dolls are very sweet, but I'm not sure about that other one!
    Glad Mia enjoyed her special day though.
    Lisa x


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