Monday, 7 May 2012

Antiques Fair!

I had a really enjoyable day on Saturday at the Builth Wells Antiques & Collectors Fair, my first full day out since having Baby Boy.

I was lucky enough to have a purse full of Birthday spending money, presents from my lovely husband and children, parent's-in-law and my mum & dad, so I was determined to treat myself!

I was spoilt for choice!! I'm afraid I didn't take any photos while I was there, I was too busy having such a good time! Bargain Hunt, as usual, was being filmed there and twice I found myself walking behind the blue team and Tim Wonacott just as they were being interviewed..I do hope I don't end up on the TV! I would positively cringe!

Anyway, so these are what I bought!!

A 1950's bespoke Tea Dress for £30.00! I absolutely LOVE this!! I could have bought everything on the stall and the prices were very reasonable for vintage clothing. Lucky for me, the dress fitted like a glove, despite being handmade and showed no measurements - it HAD to come home with me!!

As you can see, I've been playing around with PicMonkey to edit these photos. Mia and I had a little photoshoot this afternoon! She's very good at taking pictures. We still couldn't manage to capture the dress at it's best, but here is a close-up of the beautiful pattern;

This fab 50's/60's handbag, £10.00;

Some beautiful old Victorian/Edwardian books; at just £2.00 each, they are a lovely addition to my collection;

I love the illustrations;

And a handwritten inscription to a Mr Brown from his Sister, 1880, I like them all the more if they have something written inside!

4 Country Life magazines from 1960 - 50p each.

I really enjoy to read through old magazines, I love the adverts, and have enjoyed looking at how much (or rather, how little!) the Country Estates were worth 52 years ago! Look what you could get for £15,000.00:

Some lovely adverts!;

And finally, this is for Mia, but I just could NOT resist!! From the same stall as my dress, this absolutely STUNNING vintage Rowes of Bond Street coat!! Again, it had no size, but looked around Mia's age, and I was right - in fact it is on the big side, I have had to fold the sleeves back, so she should get plenty of wear out of it! I ummd and aaahd about it all day, but could just imagine Mia in it, and it had to come home with me!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun taking these pictures - goodness knows what the neighbours thought!

I did buy one more little thing, but I can't share that with you just yet, as it's for Mia's birthday!

I hope you have liked seeing what I bought, It has been a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, I hope you have enjoyed yours too!

Marina xx


  1. Such a beautiful haul of goodies. The dress is amazing. The books are so charming. I love inscriptions too, especially ones with a date. Mia looks lovely in her new coat. I'd have snapped the lot up myself! x

  2. Hello Marina
    What a lovely day you had, and you bought some beautiful things, your dress and Mia's coat are just stunning,(they must have been waiting for you!)
    Thea x

  3. Marina: You look so lovely in your beautiful new 'old' dress. Fits you perfectly and looks just like you. Mia's coat is so cute on her. Look's like she was happy with it. I love old books, they do have some great pictures. You did alright, girlie..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. I love your dress,you look fantastic in it!...and Mia looks adorable on her coat.Glad you found such lovely goodies. :0)

  5. The dress is amazing and I love those books x

  6. Hi Marina,
    What lovely finds! There is something about the bygone era that cannot be replicated in nowadays.
    You've got a great eye for fab things so I'm looking forward to your next treasure hunt.
    Have a great week.
    Joasia x

  7. What lovely finds and I love the photos. I hate to admit it and it really shows my age but I remember having a coat like that as a child! Glad you enjoyed your day. Patricia

  8. Your dress is so pretty, it really suits you.
    The coat for Mia is lovely too, she looks very smart indeed.
    Lisa x

  9. OMG Marina I am going crazy sitting here looking at the treasures you found! They are ALL fabulous. The dress - oh my the dress! You look wonderful, as does Mia in that incredible coat - like a sweet little lass from days gone by. Everything is gorgeous! I am so glad you had such a magical time - you deserve it hon. Becks xxx

  10. What great buys! I just adore the dress you bought, I just love the pattern. Mia's jacket is just lovely as well..she looks just adorable in it.
    Have a nice day today :)
    Magie x

  11. What lovely finds! Such a pretty dress and Mia looks lovely in her coat.
    I have nearly finished up with the swap goodies, so when you get 5 mins if you could email me at:
    so we could exchange details. Have a lovely day xx

  12. What lovely purchases and that dress could have been made for you xx

  13. I am so glad we have been put together I can see we have much in common. I love old Children's books as well!! :) and we just moved back from the Middle East where we learned about the wonderful Enid Blyton. In Bahrain there is a very big British Expat community so we got introduced to all sorts of wonderful things we had not previously known about, including some very good Authors we had not heard of hear in the U.S. Love Mia's coat super cute!! xx Heather


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