Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walk

I'm hoping that this will be the first of two posts today! I'm bursting to show you my Antiques Fair finds, but I need to model one of them, the most beautiful 1950's tea-dress, so will hopefully have time to do that later!

For now, I thought I'd share some photographs from my Sunday afternoon walk with Baby Boy. I really felt like getting out of the house, and wrapped up in my favourite Cath Kidston coat; a treat to myself this year in the sale;

I love the little teapot!;

We headed out towards the river and made some friends along the way;

They were very inquisitive, and followed me along the path the other side of the fence. This one was a little more timid, but was my favourite! He looks just like one my parents had before I was born, named Patch;

We carried on along the path, spotting litle clumps of primroses and celandines;

I love celandines, my Mum used to tell me that they were a sign that Spring had finally arrived and every Easter time we would try and spot them on our walk to school. When I was Mia's age I was the only child in our class, or probably even the whole school who knew the names of all of the wild flowers and trees. My mum taught me these when I was very small, when she would take me long rides on my little pony along the country lanes. I don't suppose I really appreciated this knowledge at the time, but I certainly do now. I try and pass this on to Mia, who was very pleased to be able to name many of the leaves she had collected to bring in to class for a school project.

We settled down on a bench and admired the view; trying to pick out our house in the distance;

A sneek-peek at a sleeping Baby Boy!;

I decided to stay a while on that bench and settled down with a book on Victorian Houses which I'd picked up in the week for 50p;

And then home, to a wonderful roast dinner with leeks (my favourite!) cooked by my lovely husband!

What a lovely Sunday afternoon!!


  1. What a lovely walk. We've had some gorgeous weather over the bank holiday weekend, such a change from all the rain we've had recently.

  2. Lovely to get out and about, such a pretty view too.
    Your CK coat is fab!
    Lisa x

  3. It was lovely to share your's been too wet to go out anywhere today.Wow! I wish my hubby was able to cook like yours! :0)

  4. Hi Marina: What a wonderful walk. Your coat, pin, horses, flowers and Baby Boy are all beautiful..Happy Monday..Judy...Oh and your dinner and hubby!!

  5. Love the teapot brooch. How lovely to live so close to the countryside. I would love to move to the country but our lives are so city-centric at the moment:(

    Looking forward to seeing your vintage dress x

  6. Your walk looked enchanting and how lovely to just sit and read a book whilst taking in the view. Dinner looked divine. Patricia


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