Saturday, 18 August 2012

An Afternoon In The Teepee

Hello all, I wanted to share with you some pictures of Mia finally being able to enjoy our new Cath Kidston teepee, purchased some time ago in the CK sale with a collection of "birthday money", it was the first time the weather had allowed us to put it up - though it was well worth the wait, isn't it fantastic!;

We spent a lovely, lazy afternoon reading vintage children's annuals;

And playing a board game, so much better than being stuck in front of the TV;

I'm hoping we shall have some more nice weather for next week, we've booked some time off work and have planned a few day trips. Usually this would be the week of our annual holiday, though we have decided that as Baby Boy is still so young it would be easier this year to stay at home and have some nice days out. We're also planning a trip to the river with our fishing nets followed by a picnic and perhaps some time to relax and read. I'm really enjoying Wuthering Heights at the moment, the first time i've read it, I purchased this 1970's Corgi copy for 10p at a local jumble sale;

Not really what you'd call a "Summer Read" I don't suppose, more suited to a bleak Winter evening curled up by the log fire, still, i'm enjoying it all the same.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Marina xx

P.S. As always, thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, the chickens have settled in SO well, Mia has started up her own little egg business selling them by the dozen to my work colleagues and neighbours - she is very pleased! :)


  1. Hi Marina: I'm finding it so hard to keep up with all my friends but I did come up on your's just after it came on my board so am glad I did. How sweet for Mia to have her little hide-away. All girls need that sometimes. And I'm glad you mentioned the chickens so I could go back and read about them. Good start for Mia at this age. She will have good business sense about her as she gets older. Baby Boy is as cute and usual..Hope you enjoy your little trips. Good way to plan for vacation, I think..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. The tepee is fabulous! What a huge bonus that as well as sunny weather there is extra fun and games to be had inside your own hideaway!
    Hope you have many more happy times with Cath!
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Marina,I LOVE Mia's Tipee,Its Soooo gorgeous as are the vintage books,a perfect afternoon :) How fantastic Mia has her own thriving business ;) I would buy some eggs if I lived near..
    Enjoy your trip to the river and picnic,I hope the weather holds out.
    Lots of love juliexo

  4. Oh the tippee is adorable looks like a great way to spend the afternoon!! ~Love Heather

  5. Helloooooo Marina! I feel like I haven't been on your blog for ages, I am about to have a catch up with it!
    I've seen those tents on the CK website before and I am in love with them! They're so cute and perfect for a summer's day.
    I love board games, I have Ludo downloaded on my phone at the moment, and although I love it, it's just not as good as actually having it in front of you. I also used to be obsessed with a board game called 'Game of Life' and Cluedo!
    & thank you so much for the congrats yesterday, so pleased!
    I have that book downloaded on my Kindle but not started it yet :)
    Hope the weather keeps up for you, been rubbish up north!

  6. Hello Marina
    I love Mia's teeppee, I can remember Pippa enjoying being outside in the garden sitting in her wendy house, lets hope the weather stays warm for you, I too love reading my vintage books.
    Glad the hens are behaving themselves and producing lots of lovely eggs
    Thea x

  7. That teepee is so cute, I love it.
    Sounds like you had a perfect afternoon.

  8. I am so glad you are back. I have missed looking at the awesome tbuy work that you Gym fitness accessories

  9. wow, one lucky girlie! i would love that teepee!!

  10. Such a beautiful tent, I'd quite like one just for myself!


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