Friday, 29 March 2013

A Weekend To Remember....

Hello all, I'm sorry not to have visited the land of Blog very often during the last few weeks - I will have a proper catch up over the next few days, i've missed you all! The reason for my absence is that i've been completely absorbed in our office move. Yes, sadly the solicitors where I work are moving offices (for the third time)and today the removal company are busy carting the hundreds of boxes i've helped to pack and a huge van load of office furniture over to a smaller premises about 200 yards away. To say "smaller" is putting it is miniscule compared to the beautiful 4 storey Victorian building we've inhabited for the last 4 years - we are all very sad to leave it - but, unfortunately, due to the economic climate, the only option is to downsize, at least I still have a job - sadly for two members of staff that is no longer the case.

Anyway, over the last week my colleague Michelle and I have done TEN trips to the local tip/recycling plant with The Boss' car, something for which he was very grateful for (he is NOT a man to get his hands dirty and is quite happy for the women of the office to do all of the hard work!). We have taken car loads of old, broken printers, shredders, etc, etc, basically years worth of office junk. Now i'd better admit something here...I LOVE a trip to the tip, and was more than happy to volunteer! The husband has been in despair, as usually he tries to keep me away - the problem being that our local Tip/Recycling plant also sells (for a very nominal price) anything worth salvaging from the van or car boot before it is dumped in to the assortment of skips. It is all stored in an outbuilding, tempting you in with an eclectic mix of bikes, trikes, outdoor toys, garden furniture, etc, displayed outside. Oh lordy I am in heaven! During the past week I have come back with a lovely vintage corner unit, a huge Bi-orb fish tank (for a £1!) an assortment of garden ornaments (for Mia's little garden), 2 framed paintings, a tall-boy and a huge vintage wooden sledge - all crammed in to the back of the Boss' BMW! Oh how Michelle and I laughted til we cried on the way home imagining if we were to break down on the side of the road and have to phone The Boss - can you imagine how i'd explain the haul in the back of the car! (it was bad enough explaining it to The Husband!) So yes, safe to say, it is lethal to take me anywhere near a skip!

So moving on the main topic of this post...Mia and I had a fantastic weekend in Manchester a fortnight ago when I took her on our long-awaited trip to see One Direction!! We had amazing seats, just 3 people between us and the boys - (I have to admit that Harry and Louis are a guilty-pleasure of mine!!), and they were brilliant! Mia was so extatic when they first appeared on stage that she burst in to tears!

Here she is in our hotel just before leaving for the concert;

Mr Styles himself!

And then after being deafened by the thousands of sreaming teenage girls (and fully grown women!) we went back to the hotel for a "girlie evening" Pj's on, tucked up in our huge bed watching a DVD and ordering room service!

We had a fantastic weekend, the first time I have ever left Baby Boy for a night, although he didn't seem bothered at all and was more than happy to stay at home with his daddy. Mia and I really enjoyed some quality mum & daughter time, just seeing the look on her face when her beloved Harry first appeared on stage was simply priceless!

Marina xx