Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My First Blog Post!

Well, after first discovering the Blogging world just over a year ago, i've wanted to start my own..but where to start??.. i've finally got a bit of spare time on my hands now that i'm on maternity leave after having our gorgeous little boy, (who is now 6 weeks old) and thought the beginning of the year would be a good time to begin - a kind of New Years resolution!  I thought i'd start off by looking back at 2011 and sharing a few favourite memories & photos.  This time last year hubby and I were discussing our plans for the year ahead, which we hoped would be a very important year for us, as we hoped to have a baby - which all went to plan and little Ethan was born in November! First though we decided after 18 months since we first moved in to our home, that it was time for a new kitchen! So February saw us rip out the old one, floor and all, and for 10 days we lived on takeaways, sandwiches and a couple of pub meals while the builders came in and put in new windows, door, and an entire new kitchen - the result was this:

In the Spring came the news that we were expecting our baby, and unfortunately with it came the dreaded morning sickness or rather "all day sickness" in my case! Though we still managed some lovely country walks:

My best friend's lovely wedding in June, where i was chuffed to be bridesmaid and asked to make the headpieces:

A lovely caravan holiday in Tenby and the local village show in the summer:

Mia & I have great fun competing in the local village show, which i have to admit can become very competative! - especially the children's Fancy Dress - Mia came 2nd as a Rubix cube:

First prize with her garden on a plate:

The birth of our gorgeous little boy in November:

And a lovely family Christmas:

I really enjoyed Christmas this year, and of course it was extra special as it was Ethan's first! We spent a lot of family time together watching favourite Christmas films wrapped up in cosy blankets and devouring the huge tin of Roses! perfect xx


  1. I noticed a new follower on my dashboard,so I thought I'd pop over to say 'Hello' and
    welcome to the blogging world! Your header picture is stunning..what a lovely part of the country you live in! Congraulations on the birth of your lovely little boy,what a sweetie!
    Love Bellaboo X

  2. Hey Marina :)
    Welcome to Blogger! You seem to have got the hang of it pretty well, took me ages!
    Woooah your new kitchen looks so nice:)
    It appears to me as though you're going to have a rather interesting blog so I will definitely follow! Also, reading the sides of your blog, I like very similar things to you, such as vintage books, china and charity shops which makes me a little excited to see if you do any posts on these things. (I am only 17, so there is no need for me to get china or other things yet, so I love blogs that let me fantasise over these things!;))
    Good luck blogging.
    Jazz xxx
    P.S. Your kids are so cute :)


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