Thursday, 10 May 2012

Titanic Cake...24 hours to go!!

Well, as I predicted, it's now gone 11pm, and here I am, the rest of the house fast asleep, and I'm still working on the cake! I have, at least, made something which resembles a ship;

Please ignore the spaghetti strands poking from the top of the funnells, these won't be there come tomorrow.

I still have to attach the ropes, and add the sea, but the lifeboats with people and the "Heart of the Ocean" are all ready and waiting.

The food colouring hasn't painted on too well, i'm hoping it will look better in the morning, but, overall, I'm pleased! It's certainly NOT perfect, and i'll never be a brilliant cake decorator, but I think Mia will like it! And that, after all, is all that matters.

Well that's me done for today, I'm exhausted!! I will post this time tomorrow with hopefully a finished Titanic Birthday cake!!

Marina xx

P.S. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the lovely, encouraging comments, they have really meant a lot! xx


  1. My goodness, that is truly a work of art! (Definitely puts my baking skills to shame..hehe). I saw in your previous post that you used marzipan on it, and my mouth truly started to water. That is my favorite thing in the world!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Following you too:) xx Marisa

  2. Can't wait to see the final result, it's going to be fantastic. Patricia

  3. Marina: You are doing such a great job on that cake. I know Mia will just love it. I certainly wouldn't tackle that. It looks so hard to do..Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  4. Mia is going to be thrilled. Using those chocolate rolls is an inspired idea!
    Lisa x

  5. The cake looks amazing!!!!

  6. It looks super, I knew you'd do a good job. Love Katie xx

  7. Wow, that has turned out fab! I am sure Mia is going to be very pleased with it :)

  8. That's brilliant! I love the chocolate roll funnels. :0)


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