Wednesday, 30 May 2012

To The Fairy Garden and Back

Well it looks like the weather is about to take a turn for the worse here, i've just come in from tucking up the rabbit & guineas for the night and my flip-flopped feet are chilly to say the least! Still, it was lovely while it lasted! I thought i'd share some photos from our morning with Nan and Grandpa last Sunday. We went my favourite walk along the lane, where I took the "snowy" photos in one of my first blog posts - how different it looks at this time of the year! Beautiful in a different way;

As you can see i've been playing around with the collage effect on Picmonkey, the foxgloves, cow-parsley and bluebells were out in abundance;

Spot the Red Kite in the centre;

We missed Mia, who is still on holiday with her dad, but Baby Boy really enjoyed himself, taking it all in;

This really is one of my most favourite places. I grew up here, and have walked along this lane countless times. My mum used to push me along in my pram, just like we do with Baby Boy, and Mia before him. I have some very happy childhood memories playing in the woods and lanes, collecting foliage for wreaths at Christmas time and finding birds' egg shells and wild flowers in the Spring and Summer. Mia calls it a "magical place"..and it is! When my late Gran were alive she would take me walks along this lane when I was very little and tell me there were fairies. We once made a little "fairy garden", a clearing amongst the rocks. We decorated it with pretty stones and flowers - to this day my mum will still refer to it as "the fairy garden"; "we'll just walk to the fairy garden and back".

It really is the sort of place you might have found one of these, a hundred years ago;

After a lovely walk, we went back to Nanny & Grandpa's, where I took some more snaps before lunch;

The now not-so-little lambs were enjoying the sunshine;

As were the ducks and geese;

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine...while it lasted!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post regarding Mia being away, they mean a lot. I must admit i'm not feeling myself these last few days, and it's definitely because she's not around. I won't see her until Sunday evening, but they actually fly home on Friday, so I will feel much better when I know that she's back in the UK at least! I'm already planning lots of fun things to do with her next week, i've taken the Wednesday off work, so no more office for me until Monday 11th June! :)

Marina xx


  1. Hi Marina: What a beautiful place you grew up in. Isn't it lovely to have those memories. I grew up in a similar place and have such good thoughts of when I was young, and it is so nice to pass that on to your children. Baby Boy is growing so big and I hope Mia is having a good time. I know you will feel much better when she is back..Have a beautiful rest of the week..Judy I love the new picture at the top. All of your photos are great.

  2. Oh Marina - such beautiful photos - you make me desperately homesick for England! I LOVE that Mia calls it the 'magical place', what a wee darling! Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Becks xxx

  3. It truly is a magical place! I loved reading of your happy childhood memories,they are so precious,and now you are creating ones for your sweet Mia. Hope you have a wonderful reunion when she returns and lots of fun together.
    Love your new header picture! :0)

  4. What a beautiful post. The title had me hooked from the start. It truly looks like a magical place where the faeries dance. I dream of walking through meadows carpeted with bluebells just like these. I'm sure Mia will have had a lovely time. I know it feels like something is missing when your children are away from you. Not long now x

  5. What a beautiful area. It is really nice that your children will be able to enjoy the same places/spots as you did as a child.
    Your little boy is just a cutie :)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Magie x

  6. How lovely to have a special place so near to home with lots of memories. And that you can share these with your little ones.
    Your parents have a stunning view from their back garden.
    Lisa x

  7. so pretty thanks for sharing

  8. Hey Marina!
    I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the comment you left before. It was so kind of you to write so much, it really helps hearing other people's stories, it makes moving on so much easier knowing everyone else could do it, and find someone so much better at the end of it :) (and no worries about the repeitition of the word 'thought'! The amount of 'ums' and 'errs' in the video was insane!)
    These pictures are so gorgeous as well! Just looking at that pond makes me want to dive into it after all the heat we've had (typical British person over here - can't handle the slightest bit of warm weather), even if it has been pouring down today.
    Thanks for sharing one of your favourite places, it looks really nice there :) & That is so lovely that you made a fairy garden with your Gran, my heart did a little flutter kind of thing when reading that! I used to have a crazy obsession with fairies when I was younger and me and my cousin made a "fairy house" in her garden one time (out of old bricks mind, it wasn't the prettiest house going!), nice to know other kids did similar things :)
    & was just reading some of your previous posts... I am about 90% sure I had one of those creepy faced dolls as a kid. But mine had blonde frizzy hair I think. This is going to be one of those things in my mind now that will annoy the hell out of me until I remember properly! I so recognise the face of it! How could anyone not remember that face!? Grrr, I feel the frustration already. I will let you know if I remember.
    Thanks again for your lovely comment.
    And your baby looks so cute in this post, he has gorgeous eyes!


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