Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Day at the Caves

We had a lovely time last Saturday when we visited the Dan-yr-Ogof Showcaves in Wales as a day out to celebrate Mia’s birthday (this has become somewhat of a birthday tradition!)

We had been a little worried that the day wouldn’t be all that suitable for Baby Boy, or his pram in particular, but there was in fact plenty to occupy him, including the dinosaurs, and we even took him in to the large Cathedral Cave! Being such a laid-back baby, it didn’t phase him one bit, despite the spray from the waterfall and that it was dark in places;

There was plenty to do and see, Hubby & Mia went to the first cave as it wasn’t suitable for very young children, while I took Baby Boy to the restaurant for a feed, and then we went to see the Dinosaurs and Iron Age Village;

We were so lucky with the weather, the dinosaurs looked fantastic and the views were spectacular from the foot of the “Bone Cave”;

After visiting the gift shop (Mia couldn’t wait!!) and emerging with a selection of fossils and precious stones and a tiny, soft dinosaur for Baby Boy, we went to see the animals at the Victorian Farm and Museum;

The Museum Farm Shop was very interesting, and the talking-models very lifelike, Mia loved these!;

As usual, I headed straight for the Donkeys! This pair were here last year too, and I love that you can get right up close and make a fuss of them;

Mia was facinated by the Emu eggs;

On the way home we went to Pizza Hut for our tea, another birthday treat! Mia ate loads, but it was my greedy husband who over-indulged, and much to our amusement had to have the "sick-bowl" on standby the whole drive home - luckily it wasn't required!

Marina xx


  1. That looks like a fab day. You have two gorgeous children! Jx

  2. What a lovely birthday treat you all had. Glad you all enjoyed it even though there a was a tad over indulgence! Patricia

  3. Wow, what an amazing place, great for a birthday treat. x

  4. My goodness, that place looks amazing. Your children are so sweet Marina.

  5. Wow what fantastic places you have to visit my children would love both of those!! My husband bought an Ostrich egg recently and cooked the kids omelets with it ...they are equivalent to 30 regular size eggs I am sure the Emu eggs would be quite similar...I have a funny Emu story some got loose and were running down our country road they looked like dinosaurs in the middle of the street hehehe it took me a few moments to realize what they were. Baby boy is adorable ...oh dear about hubby glad he made it home ok :) ~Great pictures thanks for sharing Love Heather

  6. A very lovely birthday treat. Looks like a really good place for a family day out. My husband would love all those dinosaurs.
    Fab pretty of Baby Boy looking very bonny indeed!
    Lisa x

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate! I love that about you - you are always out and about, making the most of each day. Your hubby sounds a bit like mine, ha ha! Have a great weekend hon! Becks xxx

  8. Sounds like a perfect birthday - was very impressed with your cake too xx

  9. What a fantastic place to visit !!!
    The weather was perfect too it seems.
    Your little boy is GORGEOUS with his little tong out!
    Hope you all enjoyed the day.
    Have a lovely weekend Marina,
    Joasia x

  10. Hello Marina...Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog....I was happy to find and join you...Have a happy Sunday....Your little guy is just perfect!! maria x

  11. Thank you for the beautiful comments Marina!!This is such an awesome place to spend the weekend with your family!!!And you boy is sooo cute and those gorgeous eyes just make you wanna hug him <3 I am a new follower, do the same if you like my blog :)

  12. Hi, me again!

    Your name has come out of my hat for the Liebster award. Check out my blog to see what you have to do if you'd like to take part or just collect the award. Suzy x

  13. I'm your new follower...I look forward to reading your blog!


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