Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Holiday Crafts Part 1!

I cannot believe how quickly the Easter holidays have flown already - tomorrow will be the end of the first week, and Mia will be going to stay with her Dad for the next 7 days. I'm so going to miss her! We have had a wonderful time so far, and really made the most of the week. Last Saturday Mia and I went to a good old-fashioned Jumble Sale at the local Scout Hall. I say "old-fashioned" because i really haven't been to one like this for a very long time; they died out in our village when i was very little, though i remember them taking place in the Church Hall, and you could buy a bundle of clothes or books for 50p! This one was great! Mia had a wonderful time and came home with a very nice scooter, a vintage board game and some books, while I, i'm afraid to say, had to make TWO trips home as I'd bought too much to carry in one go! Oops! Hubby wasn't impressed! I didn't spend more than around £4.00, but got some fabulous bargains; some great vintage clothes, books (including a very funny 1960's puppet making book!)and china. I will post some pictures very soon. Mia scooted home on her new £3.00 scooter, chuffed to bits to have been able to buy it from her saved-up pocket money, and showed off her painted face - she was supposed to be a pirate;

On Monday we went shopping for flowers for my Easter display; I was looking for colours to compliment my 10p green jug from the jumble sale, and to match the decorations on the dresser;

Mia chose the orange roses, and I think they go very well with the yellow tulips don't you think? We then had great fun swapping the usual floral china on the dresser for Art-Deco tea sets (all charity shop finds) in Spring colours of orange, green and yellow.

My new addition to my Easter decorations for this year is this cute vintage child's Easter tea-set, I love the little rabbits;

And two old cardboard vintage egg cases; I remember having some like this for Easter when I was very little, I wish i'd kept them!; these were an eBay find;

On Tuesday we had an Art and Craft day; in the morning we went up to the school for a special Easter holiday "fun morning" where Mia made lots of Easter crafts and had her face painted - again! In the afternoon we made our Easter lanterns! I love making these!!, especially for Christmas. For Easter we used glittery card, egg stickers, fluffy chicks and buttons;

Mia (with yet another painted face!) had a wonderful time making them, whilst I sat with Baby Boy on my lap, trying to keep his little hands away from the pot of PVA glue!

I must leave this post here, but I will add a "part 2" later on with the chocolate cornflake cakes and Easter tree - oh and a sneek peek at my Easter swap parcel which is on its way to Saphy as I write this!! I received mine on Wednesday and I can't wait to show you what i've got - Saphy got me spot on!



  1. love your Easter display. Also loving your little ones facepaint, pirates are cool. !! I am glad you are excited about your parcel and I am looking forward to seeing you sharing it. (if that makes sense)

  2. Marina: There's that cutie-pie Mia again. She is so cute. Wow, did you hit pay dirt with all your great finds. I love how you say jumble sale. Those children set of dishes is a great find. Marina, you ought to do a tutorial on your lanterns. They are just darling..Happy Easter..Judy


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