Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Return Of Spencer Bear!

I just have to share with you Mia's joy at the return of her beloved bear "Spencer"!

Three years ago she went on holiday to Menorca with her Dad, took Spencer with her, (as he went everywhere she went!) and on the last night before they came home, she left him behind in the hotel restaurant where they'd been watching the entertainment. Mia was distraught..they went down to look for him before they flew home, but someone had obviously picked him up, and he couldn't be found anywhere. My poor, poor little girl, I felt so terrible for her, as she cried and cried. Even three years on, you couldn't mention his name without her eyes filling with tears.

We'd looked for a "replacement" Spencer on eBay and the like, but every time i'd come across one (an M&S 2008 bear), i'd show her the eBay listing hopefully, and she'd sadly tell me "that's not him!" or "his tie wasn't that colour" so we'd give up, and not mention him again for another few months.

However..last week whilst browsing eBay, she came in and asked me if I'd looked for Spencer lately, i hadn't, so we sat down and trawled through the Ebay listings for "Marks and Spencer bear". There were lots of similar bears, but just not Spencer. Then, just as we were about to give up, she shreiked, grabbed the mouse, zooming back up to a listing i'd skimmed past; and shouted "That's HIM!!!!" She was overjoyed! Luckily there was a "buy-it-now or make an offer" option, so we made an offer (considerably less than the buy-it-now price I might add) and it was accepted immediately!! Mia was thrilled!!!

And even more so when less than 24 hours later the postman arrived with a parcel with something very soft and cuddly inside;

One very happy little girl!, she actually cried with happiness when she opened up the parcel. The eBay shop was called "findmycuddlytoy", very apt I thought; and Mia believes that Spencer is in fact the very same Spencer that went missing all those years ago in Menorca, finally found his way home...easy to imagine if you're 7!

This was the scene when I walked in to her room last night; tucked up in bed with his friends;

Isn't eBay just great??!


  1. Oh, Marina, that's the cutest story. I'm so glad that Mia found her Spencer, and I believe he is the same one too...Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. i do enjoy a happy ending ;0)...your girly looks so happy bless her...perfect bed filled with teds ;0)

  3. It could well be the same one......

  4. Oh what a sweet happy that Mia was reunited with her beloved Spencer. :0)

  5. Hello Marina
    What a lovely story, I am so glad Spencer has found his way home to Mia, He looks very happy tucked up with his friends.
    Thea x

  6. Oh, what a tremendously lovely story! I'm so glad for you all. Hugs and kisses to Spencer bear - home at last! ;)


  7. There must be a children's story in there somewhere! As a complete teddy bear nut I'm really pleased to hear this happy ending. Jx

  8. What a touching story..I am so pleased to hear that Spencer managed to find his way home again, he looks pretty happy tucked in bed with all his toy friends :)
    Good ol' ebay..
    Have a lovely weekend...
    Magie x

  9. What a lovely story, I'd like to think it's the same one too xx

  10. Awww, thank goodness he's home again after his extended trip. What a lovely story, hurrah for eBay and a dedicated mum!

  11. Bless her heart, what a lovely tale - given that it eventually had a happy ending anyway! Our family too has had the 'missing teddy' trauma, but luckily only as far as needing a trip to lost property but enough that I can well imagine what you've all been through. I think I'm happy enough believing that it's the same Spencer too!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too by the way :)

    Sandra x

  12. Oh this is such a sweet tale, brought a tear to my eye. My daughter has a dolly that she has had since the age of 6 months. He's so old and battered and dirty but she adores him. I can't imagine what I'd do if we lost him. He's like a member of the family x

  13. Would anyone know where you can get replacement to eyes? A 10 year old boy is very upset that Spencer Bear is now blind in one eye :(


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