Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Ladybird, Walk In The Sunshine & Two Cute Charity Shop Bargains!

What another lovely day, although i agree with my elderly neighbour when we were chatting over the garden fence earlier; this may be our only Summer weather for the year..therefore i'm determined to make the most of it! It would be wonderful if it could last for the Easter hols next week. Mia and I have a few nice things planned; chocolate cornflake nests with mini eggs & fluffy chicks, an Easter tree of catkins in a tall vase decorated with eggs, and some fun Spring-themed art and craft.

Today Baby Boy & I have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden, he is facinated with Oscar the rabbit, and enjoys watching him leap around his run. Whilst he was doing this, I noticed a little ladybird on the guinea-pig pen - i haven't seen a ladybird in YEARS! I took a quick photo to show Mia when she came home;

When she saw it she was horrified..she said "I didn't realise they were THAT big"! Obviously she hadn't understood that the photo was out of proportion and that i'd zoomed in!

This afternoon we went for a long walk and back through the town, stopping at my favourite vintage shop on the way home (how could i not go in?!) where I previoulsy bought my bargain deckchair! This time i can't tell you what i bought just yet, as it was the last couple of items for the Easter Swap!! It's so exciting!! Everything is ready now so I just need to pack it up and post if off to the lovely Saphy ( ) in time for Easter!

We also popped in to the Samaritans charity shop afterwards and i couldn't resist this cute knitted Lion (30p) and what i think is an egg cosy (10p!) -

The Lion is an Easter gift for Baby Boy, it will look great on his shelf in his room with his other knitted toys, and i'm going to put the egg cosy over an Easter Egg for Mia;

You can't go wrong for a grand total of 40p can you?! Mia will love the egg cosy for sure!

Well, i'd better go off to bed now, i love this part of this evening, it's the first "ME" time i have all day, both children are fast asleep and i can settle down with tea and toast and write this blog or catch up on everyone else's! xx


  1. I laughed at the giant lady bird story..so cute :P
    I love the little knitted lion (adorable) and the egg cosy...40p is a great price :)
    Have fun with the Easter activities..the chocolate cornflakes nest sound yummy!
    Have a lovely day...here is hoping the sunshine will last :)

  2. Aaaah,what a sweet story of the ladybird! You are finding some bargains in your CS. The lion is cute,your little boy will love it I'm sure.
    I'm hoping the lovely weather will last,as we're off for a week's holiday after Easter.
    Take care and enjoy the weekend! :0)

  3. Hi Marina, Thank you for your kind comments, lovely to meet you, your blog looks great, I shall make a cup of tea and have a good read, speak soon
    Thea x

  4. Hi Marina: I am your newest follower. I read your comment on Thea's blog and felt I would like to meet you. How sweet the little egg cozy and lion are. The little ones will love them. Please come visit at the Cottage. I know that many miles separate us but your likes are very similar to mine, so I think you will enjoy it. Look forward to visiting you again..Happy Wednesday..Judy P.S. I love you header and the fact that it is so large. Beautiful!!

  5. Cute egg cosy - I think he must be Humpty-Dumpty. Amazing header photo!

  6. Ahh i adore that lion he is amazing and such fun your little lad will love him im sure :-)) Have a great week and i hope the weather holds, dee x

  7. I've got everything crossed for a lovely summer this year.

    Nina xxx

  8. Beware of the giant ladybirds....I am so glad you liked your swap parcel. x (I love swaps)


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