Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Holiday Arts & Crafts Part 2!

Following on from my earlier post, we spent the whole of Wednesday at Nan & Grandpa's. The plan had been to go foraging for catkin branches for our Easter tree, whilst enjoying a nice walk; however the weather turned out to be anything but Spring like! The ground was far too wet for the snow to settle, not like in other parts of the Country, but it blew a blizzard all day and it was bitterly cold! Mia and Grandpa dressed up in their trapper-hats and Winter coats - a vast contrast to the summer dresses Mia had been wearing last week, and braved the weather in aid of the Easter tree, and came home with a lovely bundle, including some catkins for me to take home. This was the result;

Yesterday we had our usual "Easter Tea Party", just the four of us, and we went out in the morning to buy lots of yummy party food from Tesco. Mia then made some Galaxy Chocolate Cornflake Nests;

Whilst putting on the little chicks, she accidently broke one of the heads off as she was taking it out of the box. She looked at it for a second and then said in all seriousness "oops..nevermind, we'll say the Fox had that one"! And then placed the decapitated chick on top of the cakes - head on one, and body on another!

Of course the best part for her (and me when i'm alone!) is the licking of the bowl afterwards!;

Our little tea party was very yummy! There certainly weren't many leftovers:

Today has been our last day together, as Mia will be going to her Dad this evening for a whole week. As we won't see her on Easter Sunday we had an egg hunt this afternoon, and great fun was had seeking out the eggs from around the house!

Mia also presented us with a lovely Easter card, which she'd chosen all by herself;

And I couldn't resist this lovely card for Mia & Baby Boy, I love the sweet faces;

Finally a just a sneek peek at my Easter swap parcel winging its way to Saphy as I write this! I've made sure it will arrive tomorrow morning, so I will post tomorrow evening on what I sent and received; it's been very exciting and lots of fun!


  1. wow, there is loads!!!!wow I am lucky and its all so nicely wrapped up.

  2. Those little baskets look very yummy.Your Mia is a clever little cook.Oh yes...licking the bowl is the best bit isn't it?
    I'm on a diet,so no choccie eggs for me this year :0(
    Have a very Happy Easter...have fun! :0)

  3. What a beautiful Easter tree I love it and your daughter and those yummy egg baskets look so good.....just adorable, have a lovely Easter!

  4. Hi Marina: Your little Mia is quite a character. How cute. I love all your Easter cards and her goodies look very good..Hope you have a wonderful Easter..Judy Your Easter tree is perfect!

  5. Hello my lovely...thanks for your comment on my are a gorgeous family and letting your daughter have fun in the kitchen is so precious....lovely decorating for easter too.

    Happy Easter to you all...

    Love Happy xx

  6. Love your Easter tree - looks so pretty. I remember making choco cornflake nests as a child (and licking the bowl!) Must do that with my kids, now they are getting older :) Have a lovely Easter weekend x


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