Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Titanic Weekend

For as long as I can remember, certainly well before I went to see the James Cameron film (3 times at the age of 17!),I have been slighly obsessed with all things Titanic! Even when I was a little girl my Grandmother would cut out and save for me anything to do with the ship from her stack of women's magazines and newspapers. She herself was only 18 months old in 1912, but remembered it obviously being talked about a great deal as she was growing up.
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Mia has also become facinated by it, ever since we watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel when she was only 5! Now, at nearly 8 years old, she can answer so many questions on the topic, and spends hours absorbed in our little collection of books;

And our large vintage Titanic model in a glass case, complete with newspaper articles which we purchased from an Estate Clearance. It now takes pride of place in our dining room. Someone once upon a time must have taken great care to build this model and display it so carefully;

I love how the late previous owner even made the wooden life buoy and placed it around the picture of Captain Smith. I like to think that whoever made and loved this would be happy to think that we are now looking after and enjoying it so much.

So naturally this weekend, being the 100th anniversary, the two of us have spent a lot of the time glued to the History and Discovery Channels at the vast number of Titanic-related documentaries, and even deliberately purchased a couple of the large newspapers just so Mia could take the anniversary supplements and posters for her scrapbook that she is creating of all things "Titanic"!;

Last night, she said something which really touched us; she said "please can I borrow the kitchen-timer tonight?" and when I asked why (completely bewildered), she replied "because I want to use it to wake me up at twenty to midnight so I can sit up in bed and think about all those poor people who died when the Titanic hit the iceburg"!!

What a thing for a 7 year old to say!! And so, so sweet! As it turned out, we talked her out of borrowing the kitchen timer, and at twenty-to-twelve
she was in fact fast asleep!

Aside from all things Titanic, we did make time for a really lovely afternoon yesterday, just Mia & I. This was very special as it was the first time in 6 months since having Baby Boy that I have had the opportunity to spend a few hours away from home - leaving him with hubby. I'm still feeding him myself, so I'd spent the morning expressing like crazy hoping we'd have enough, and then Mia & me got all dressed up (Mia in her best dress complete with net under-skirt..why not?!;

And went out for lunch (the first meal i've eaten out in half a year! I really had taken these sort of things for granted!) a mooch around the charity shops and then to the cinema to see (sadly not Titanic in 3D as Mia is way too young, much to her frustration!) but Journey 2, ~The Mysterious Island . We had a GREAT time! It was really nice to have a girlie afternoon together, and come home to hubby and a very happy-to-see-me Baby Boy!

So altogether a very enjoyable weekend. Now back to Titanic..i'm going to watch the last episode of the Julian Fellowes adaption on ITV1..has anyone else been watching?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too xx


  1. Mia is gorgeous - I love her outfit! My son (who just turned 8) is also mad keen on the titanic and asks a zillion questions about it. Have a great week hon. xxx

  2. Thank you for your message about G and his op. I think your daughter looks very pretty in her HK dress, my little 7 year old would love that too! I hope you may have found my recent couple of posts interesting about the Titanic events here in Southampton. Next time I'm in town I'll see if I can pick up a couple of Titanic leaflets and send them to Mia for her collection if you think she'd like them.
    Lisa x

  3. You are my winner have a look at my blog and email me your address so I can pop it in the post for you! x

  4. the model of the titanic in glass case i have one excactly the same it must be mass made not a one off


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