Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Lovely Surprise and Some Bargain Buys!

Well first of all I've had a lovely surprise this afternoon! I've won Lesley's wonderful giveaway for a beautiful crochet tea cosy! I am absolutely thrilled! I've never won anything before! Do pop over to Lesley's lovely blog with the link above and take a peek..I will of course share some pictures as soon as it arrives!

I've had some great bargains for Mia and Baby Boy lately, and thought I'd show you a few;

A Cath Kidston sleepsuit (NEW WITH TAGS!) for 99p on eBay!..i was the only person to bid!;

A vintage 60's/70's sundress for Mia, just look at that pattern! Apart from needing a wash to freshen it up as it had obvioulsy been stored for around 40 years, it's in super condition!;

A "NEXT" floral summer coat for Mia, this was also brand new with the tags still attached from eBay, she wore it to school today and it looked fab! Very Cath Kidston-style don't you think!;

Two gorgeous dresses for Mia from the local charity shop; £1.00 each; The first one is very light and floaty;

Some fabulous gold ballet pumps which were reduced in Tesco and luckily for Mia the last pair were her size! She's chuffed to bits as they are to be her "indoor shoes" for school - she wanted something a bit different to the usual black gym pumps! She managed to convice me because A) they were reduced, and B)"Oh please don't make me wear those horrible black pumps mum, EVERYONE has those and we all get them mixed up and it makes us late for class!" Well these should certainly stand out in the cloakroom! (I secretly wish they had a pair in MY size too!!)

And, ok, so these aren't for the kids or anything to wear, but I couldn't resist these pretty cups & saucers from the Scout Jumble Sale the other week, 10p each!, though i've had to let a few of my other ones go in order to make room!;

Finally, thank you everyone for all of your lovely comments on my posts, they really do brighten up my day! Hope you're all having a good week x


  1. Hi Marina: First of all:How cute is Baby Boy!!! And I bet Mia was just grand in her shiny slippers. Such cute dresses. You really made a haul..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. What some lovely things, any little girl would love those gold shoes.Lesley x

  3. What lovely things for the little ones. I have a set of those tea cups and saucers in the first pic x

  4. Super bargains on the clothing front for your two little ones. I wouldn't have been able to resist those cups and saucers at 10p each, I bought a dinner plate in the red rose pattern for my sister from the jumble I went to on Sat.
    Lisa x

  5. Great Bargains..I love the floral summer coat, it is so pretty! Ebay works out so well for getting clothing from..I have bought a few bundle of baby clothes off there recently (for really good prices).
    I really like the pyrex tea cups, the rose patterned ones are my favourite.
    Have a lovely week :)
    Magie x

  6. Wow, such bargains, I'm so jealous! Most of our charity shops are getting just a bit beyond themselves with pricing to the point where they charge more than you can buy for new! Your ebay and jumble finds are good. I adore the colours of the blue sundress. Suzy x

  7. Hello Marina
    Well done you have found some lovely items, the dresses are very pretty.
    Thea x

  8. Hi Thank you for your messgae on my blog, welcome and good to 'meet' you. I will follow your lovely blog, you have some brilliant bargains there ! Belated congratulations on your little boy too.
    Best wishes

  9. What fantastic finds! I adore the dresses, but the coat is just delish! Your wee boy looks simply adorable (and very stylish in his Cath Kidston). Have a great weekend hon. Becks x


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