Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Remembering A Very Special Day..

Two years ago today I married my gorgeous husband! I really cannot get over how quickly the time has flown, it feels like yesterday!  I thought i'd share some of my favourite photos of the special day;

We had a 1930's Art Deco inspired wedding, I tried to make sure that as many things as possible were either homemade, second-hand or vintage!

Mia looking quite the little Princess!

Our wedding colours were Hunter Green & Black;

1930's Beauford;

The Bridesmaids 

Vintage 1920's place-card holders;

Art-Deco inspired cake;


My alternative-style bouquet, made from vintage beads & brooches;



The Husband also arrived in style!;



I was lucky enough to have TWO wedding gowns - one for the day, by Eddy K - and was actually called "Marina"!! The bridal shop assistant didn't tell me this until after I had made my final choice - I was so surprised it actually brought tears to my eyes - the dress was obviously meant for me!

(image from Google)

For the evening I wore a fabulous dress by my favourite designer Jenny Packham, called "Elizabeth";

(images from Google)

I felt quite the 1930's Hollywood Movie Star!;

I hope you've enjoyed these photos...i've loved sharing them xx


  1. Oh wow! What a stunning wedding. You looked beautiful. It looks like it was a fantastic day. Happy anniversary! Xx

  2. Simpy beautiful my friend! You look like a princess.

    Becks xxx

  3. i love everything about your weding! the colours, your dress, and your cars! we took our willys jeep to our wedding, loved it! :)
    Happy anniversary!

  4. Oh Wow i have tears in my eyes what a wonderful magical day. You were a stunning bride both of your dresses were and are beautiful. Love your wedding bouquet and its something that you can keep for ever to. Happy anniversary to you both. And thank you for sharing such a special day, dee x

  5. What a fabulous wedding ... absolutely gorgeous! Happy Anniversary and thanks for showing us your special pictures

    Claire xxx

  6. Marina, you looked so beautiful. What a truly perfect day! Loved the colours and what a stunning idea for a bouquet! Wow! Happy anniversary beauty.
    X x x x

  7. Happy anniversary to you both. I loved looking at all the pictures of your wedding day. Thanks for sharing with us. Love the bridesmaids dresses too. You are right, that dress was certainly meant for you!
    Lisa x

  8. Happy Anniversary, the pictures look beautiful. I agree with Gem, the bouquet is a brilliant idea and looks very elegant. x

  9. Happy Anniversary Marina, you looked stunning, lovely memories for you all. Enjoy you day!
    Thea x

  10. Oh my goodness what simply stunning wedding photos!
    That bouquet is amazing..I have never seen one like that before.
    Happy,Happy Anniversary to you both.Enjoy your celebrations and have lots of kisses and cuddles! :0)

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both. Your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous and I love the vintage and art deco look. What lovely memories.
    Patricia x

  12. Happy anniversary! (bit late - sorry!)
    I loved this post, your wedding looked so lovely and you looked beautiful!
    Your dresses are gorgeous and loved the bouquet, really different but really pretty:)
    My fave pics are of you and Mia dancing - soo special! xxx

  13. Happy Anniversary! What lovely pictures and memories of your wedding day. I loved the bouquet - what a clever idea. Jx

  14. Hi Marina: What a beautiful couple. I love the picture with the two of you and the umbrella. A very handsome groom and very beautiful bride and Mia looked darling. What great pictures and Happy Anniversary..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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