Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Waiting Game

After receiving an offer on our house last week, this morning we made an offer on the house we would really like to buy.  The answer, when we receive it, will determine whether or not we accept the (lower than hoped) offer on our own house, and will either mean that we are moving, or back to square one.  Our potential purchasers, after a full week of deliberation, simply cannot offer us any more, not even a penny, and we, therefore in turn, have had to make a lower but not unrealistic offer on the house we like in return.  The waiting game is the hardest don’t you think?

This past week has been a whirlwind of telephone calls with the estate agent (oh how we could do with the help of Phil & Kirstie!) and house viewings;

The search has been much harder that we had anticipated, initially we wanted something more rural, but everything we saw in this category was either simply too small for us, but had great views, gardens, and location, and those which would have been perfect in size were way above budget.  I also have a dream of living in a large Victorian house, with lots of original features and perhaps scope to restore some of those which are missing, such as fireplaces, etc.  Houses such as this, in our budget, simply do not exist in a very rural location.  So, we have had to compromise slightly and have set our sights on a beautiful late Victorian 3 storey house, just a little more in town than we wanted.  However, we feel the house is definitely worth the compromise – it is fantastic, and will give us all of the space (and more!) which we want.  We’re already (but trying not to!!) dreaming of what we will do with each room, and Mia and Baby Boy will finally have their play-room and we will get our study.
It will be nice finally to really settle down in a home and draw a line under the house search over the last couple of years (for the foreseeable future anyway).  In some ways though we have enjoyed it – oh the stories we could tell of the numerous houses we’ve viewed over the last few years!  So far we’ve had the young, male estate agent who slipped down the garden path of one house, and then chose to pretend it never happened  - much to the amusement of the husband and me, who had to try desperately to hide our sniggers as we walked behind him!  And the more “mature” agent who, trying to appear younger than his years we suspect, insisted upon giving us the thumbs up after every conversation and shouting “cool!!”.  As for houses, we have viewed them all – wonderful ones, terrible ones, and those in need of serious work but we could see had potential  - if you had the money!  Very recently we went to view a bungalow where I took my shoes off the minute I entered the property, as I always do, only to find that my tights instantly became wet from the extremely damp carpet!  (The husband & I couldn’t get out of that one quick enough I can tell you!).

Yes, the waiting game is certainly the hardest part, since I started writing this post I have been told that our offer is being "considered" and we will get our answer no later than Friday evening - so we will hopefully know in less than 48 hours!  Of course even if we have our offer accepted, nothing is set in stone until we exchange contracts - we already have a bottle of Champagne waiting in our fridge, not to be opened until that day comes - whenever it may be!  Fingers well and truly crossed :)

Hope you're all having a lovely week,
Marina xx


  1. I'm keeping everything crossed for you.What a lovely house! :0)

  2. Good luck Marina ... I remember the waiting game only too well! Fingers crossed xxx

  3. Ooooo best of luck Marina! Fingers and toes crossed for you!! xxx

  4. Hi Marina: I have been so slow in getting to all my friends that I'm not even sure I knew you were selling. The new house is a beauty and I sure am keeping fingers and toes crossed that you get good news. It's hard to find just the right place with a budget to consider but even if it doesn't have everything you want you will be able to make a beautiful home for your family. I have faith!! Please keep all of us posted. Thank you for your really kind thoughts to me, I love hearing from you and take care and good luck!!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. I shall keep everything crossed for you and hope that Friday brings the news you would love.
    Lisa xx

  6. Oh I do hope you get it! it is so hard finding the perfect home.x

  7. It is such a see saw event buying a new home, the house looks wonderful, fingers crossed
    Thea x

  8. Oh I hope that it falls into place for you this time. It sounds like the house you have chosen is really nice. Jx

  9. Oh I really hope this works out for you. What a stressful time it is. I'd really like to move but not sure I'd cope with all the heartache it causes. My fingers are crossed for you and wishing you all the luck in the world.
    Patricia x


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