Thursday, 30 August 2012

Camper Van, Caves & Candles

Last week we had our annual “holiday” – however this year due to Baby Boy being so young and therefore needing at least a double-decker bus to transport all his necessary baby paraphernalia, e.g.; highchair, travel-cot, pram, etc, and that’s not to mention our belongings on top, we opted to stay home and take day trips instead.

This actually worked very well, there was no stress whatsoever, and Mia seemed more than happy to sleep in her own bed (relieved no doubt not to have to check her sleeping bag for earwigs as she had had to do last year every night in the caravan). We had a lovely day on the Monday at King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Machynlleth. On route we stopped off to admire the view of the Clewedog Dam, it was just after and the occupants of this fantastic VW camper van were evidently still asleep inside!

I LOVE these, and couldn’t resist taking some snaps – Mia said “lets pretend it’s ours” and leapt in front of the camera, you could almost believe it if it weren’t for the husband’s Mazda just in view from behind the VW!

How I would love to have spent the night in there, waking up to coffee and bacon sandwiches overlooking that wonderful view, even on a wet morning like that….maybe one day! I dreamt about this the rest of the way to Machynlleth!

King Arthur’s Labyrinth was great fun; a boat trip with a hooded Monk took you deep underground to ancient caves which told the story of King Arthur and Excalibur. Mia loved it;

(image from Google)

Afterwards we had some lunch and then had a browse around the craft centre, where Mia & I tried our hand at dipping candles; it was great fun!

Some lovely candles for sale;

Our candles; a bit wonky, (ok, quite a lot wonky!) but I love them because we made them and they remind me of such a lovely day out!

We got home in time to collect Baby Boy from his childminder, the caves were not suitable for children of his age, and we wanted to give Mia a good day out as she’s had to settle for fewer such days since I had him. Thursday, however, we all went to the coast, and a great time, I will post on that day very soon.

A lovely day out...and not an earwig in sight! :)

Marina xx


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Another fan of VW camper vans I see. I absolutely adore these and I don't think there is or has ever been any vehicle with such a big character as these little vans. I keep persuading OH to buy one to restore. Ah well, maybe one day...:)

  2. Hi Marina: I'm with Mia. I hate earwigs, but even worse I hate spiders and I'm always looking for them the first time we use the motorhome after it's been sitting. Looks like you had a great day trip and I love your candles. We are going camping next month but I wish we could borrow Mia as it's not quite as fun with just a dog, although he is a good spider catcher..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Love the candles! When Ben was four months old we took him to Budapest and he just slept in a drawer! Obviously we put blankets etc in it to act as a mattress but we simply couldn't carry the carrycot with all our other stuff.Rx

  4. Oh I love Mia's sheepy fleece, it looks so snuggly!
    The Christmas themed candles are adorable, as are your handmade ones too. Nice to have such a momento of your day out together.
    Lisa x

  5. Looks as if you had a perfect day out! I believe this kind of holiday is currently known as a 'stay-cation'!! Jx

  6. Looks like a wonderful day out, I love your candles
    Thea x

  7. Oooooh Marina this all looks like so much fun!!
    Love the camper van!
    I've also done that thing with the candles before in Sweden when I was about 10. Mine didn't look as good as yours though :( The woman who was in charge of doing it wouldn't let the different colours meet on the candle, so I had to have a white gap between the different colours, which looked rubbish. I've never actually lit them!

  8. You should get a campervan! We bought one this year, and best thing we ever did, the children love sleeping in it.


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