Monday, 24 September 2012

And Still Waiting...

Just a quick post, to update all of my lovely blogging friends on the “house move” situation!  Thank you so much for all of the positive comments and wishes of good luck for my previous post “A Waiting Game”. 

As you know we were told that we would have an answer last Friday.  Though since I wrote that post, we had a further development in that the owner of the house that we want to buy decided he wanted to see our house!  He has since been TWICE, and had the second viewing on Thursday afternoon.  The other people who have put the offer in, are unfortunately still waiting, as we are waiting to know if this man will accept the offer we have made on his house – regardless of whether or not he decides to put a higher offer in on ours!  He then decided that he wants more time, so asked for the weekend to think things over, and promised an answer today…though as yet, still nothing.  However…to add another cat amongst the pigeons so to speak, we had a call from our estate agent this morning to ask if another lady could come and view our house this afternoon.  They have made her aware that we already have an offer, though we haven’t accepted it yet, and she is apparently “desperate” to see it, as has just sold her house over the weekend and had been waiting until she had done so, before making an appointment to view ours. 

So it would seem our little house is popular all of a sudden! Though we desperately want to know if the offer we have put down on the house that we want will be accepted or certainly is a waiting game!

I will be happy to know one way or another, the waiting is the hardest part for me, the husband's finding it hardest of all, and took the day off work today, which was a good thing as it turned out, as he has been around to spruce up the house ready for this afternoon's viewing.  I've been trying to keep my mind off things and "Keep Calm and Carry On" in true Brit style making many pots of tea and a batch of fairy cakes!

I've kept myself busy with thoughts of Christmas, yes, perhaps many readers will recoil in horror at the utter mention of the festive season whilst we are still in September, but like many of us I'm trying to spread the cost a lot more this year, and it's also my favourite time of year!  I've signed up for Laa Laa's advent Swap, where i'm paired with Country Rabbit, i'm so excited about this and bought my first little prezzie for Kazzy today - something which i'm pretty sure she'll love!
i've also seen that the DVD for Kirstie Allsopp's "Handmade Christmas" series which I think first aired last year is soon to be released - I loved this!! And would highly recommend it for some great Christmas craft inspiration - definitely one to watch with a glass of mulled wine. 
These lovely things have really helped to take my mind off the "possible" house move, and i'm really looking forward to the festive season :)  Is anyone else preparing for Christmas already?
Marina xx


  1. Yes cause Im due to give birth in December so.want to get organised early by buying a present a week and making some pressies . Good luck hope u find out about your house offer soon.

  2. I am sure you you are doing the right thing, busying yourself with cooking and Christmas, and trying not worry to much about the move, I all works out in the end, ( I love Christmas too)
    Thea x

  3. Oooh it's all very exciting! Hopefully you'll find out soon. I start buying for Christmas In the January sales ... I have lots of people to buy for so spread the cost through the year xxx

  4. Buying and selling houses can be soooo stressful - I think if you are able to 'keep calm and carry on' then you are simply amazing (I never could!). Good luck hon!!! Becks xxx

  5. Goodness - you must be exhausted by all these possibilities. I hope that you soon get to hear exactly what is going to happen and you can start to make some definite plans. Jx

  6. Hi Marina, it sounds so complicated and I hope all works out for you very soon...
    Looking forward to Christmas and Laa laas swap,I'm trying to be organised too and spreading the cost.
    take care,love julieXxx

  7. Fingers crossed for some good news very soon.
    Never too early to think about Christmas, just love it!
    Lisa x

  8. good luck with your house Marina, i thought id left a message but somehow its got lost in google land hehe...
    hope you have a bidding war and you get more money too x

    ive been busy wrapping today as its my daughters birthday next monday, but also while i had my sticky labels n wrapping at the ready ive started wrapping some of your advent goodies xxxxx

  9. I have such a love/ hate relationship with Kirstie! On one hand, I love all her crafty bits and her clothes. On the other hand, I'm aware that her partner is her best friend's ex husband (Kirstie had an affair with him and he left her best friend for her). Can't help be appalled by her blatant home wrecking which doesn't exactly sit well with her image!Rx


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