Friday, 14 September 2012

The End of The Summer..

Hello all, and thank you once again for the beautiful comments on my wedding anniversary post.  We celebrated with our favourite Indian takeaway which we ate whilst sat out in the garden enjoying the last of the "summer" sun.    Mia is now back at school, and we are looking forward to the Autumn/Winter - always my favourite time of year! For this post though, i'd thought i'd catch up on the last of the Summer holiday news; we spent a day at the Coast at the very end of August, which is about 50 minutes drive from where we live, and was Baby Boy's first ever trip to the seaside!;


Also his first trip to the zoo, or rather an animal park on the way; Mia really enjoyed showing him the animals;

And then on to the seaside town for a first glimpse of the sea;

In fitting with our usual British Summer weather, it was very overcast and grey but luckily didn't rain! I'd been a little too hopeful in packing the car with my flip-flops and Mia's Crocs...though i'd also thankfully brought the wellies and boots  -  if definitely wasn't a flip-flop day!
We decided to park the car out of town, and take the "park & ride", something which we'd never done before.  So it was also Baby Boy's first time on a bus, we waited in the bus shelter for 15 minutes, and then gladly boarded the bus when it arrived and sat down.  We were just driving off when I noticed a changing bag identical to ours in the bus shelter which was fastly disappearing from sight - it was then that it dawned on me that this was our changing bag!! So embarassing - I had to shout at the bus driver to stop, run off the bus and grab it infront of everyone and then get back on board, nodding politely to the eldery lady who said "never mind dear, at least you didn't forget the baby!"
We laughed about it the whole way in to town, and I was serioulsy wishing I hadn't brought the thing when next I managed to leave it in the middle of the seafront, just sat there whilst i'd walked off to take some photographs - luckily the husband realised what i'd done!;

We were very lucky it made it home with us - after the final near miss occured whilst we were just about to board the bus back to the car park - I couldn't find the thing anywhere, we were panicking looking everywhere, amongst the bemused people waiting to board the bus - only to find that because the husband was carrying Baby Boy, i'd put the changing bag in the pushchair! Duh! That's the last time I take such a large bag!
We had a lovely afternoon though, having lunch and mooching around the seaside town, Mia had a great time trying on some of the hilarious hats for sale in a basket outside the "hippy shop" - the very same one where, in our early teens, we'd make a bee-line for to buy incense sticks and tye-dye goodies, usually covered in stars, moons and sequins...this was 1993 and I was going through the "hippy" phase.  The shop is still exactly the same - Mia loved it!

It's never too cold for an icecream, I can always make room for a 99!;

I had quick mooch around the charity shops to see what treasures I could find...but as usual lately, not much!  I did find a few vintage Ladybird books which, for 10p each I could not leave behind!  (Yes that's just 10p each I can hear many of you gasp!)

It was a lovely day out, and a nice way to end the Summer!  As i've said i'm really looking forward to the Autumn now, and this week we have had some (hopefully) serious interest in our house, which you may know from reading my previous posts, we currently have on the market. This week we have had endless calls with the Estate Agent and have gone to view some more properties, including two which we saw six weeks back. We are currently considering an offer on our own house, and have someone else coming for a viewing tomorrow - so fingers well and truly crossed!

Marina xx


  1. Your children are just so adorable! Your day out sounds perfect and what a find those Ladybird books were.The ones I see in the charity shops are always very tatty.
    Good luck with the house hunting/selling,always a stressful business. :0)

  2. That made me laugh! I'm glad you all had a great day out and that the weather didn't spoil things! Lots of things to see and do for the first time for your little boy, he must have been very tired by all the excitement come the end of the day.
    10p bargains on the Ladybird books is unbelievable!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed the house selling works out the way you hope.
    Lisa x

  3. Your children are adorable. Your changing bag anecdote made me laugh and what bargains the Ladybird books were! I'm really looking forward to Autumn now too xxx

  4. Looks like a great day out, your little ones are so sweet, never mind about the bag, it happens to us all! the books are a real find and bargain well done
    glad the house has some interest, fingers crossed
    Thea x

  5. Your post really made me smile! My sister had a similar experience with her change bag... she left it on the roof of her car when she drove off and it flew off and hit a passing cyclist! Jx


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