Saturday, 22 September 2012

In Search of Blackberrys...

Today, officially the first day of Autumn, Baby Boy & I went  to my mum & dads' for the afternoon, while the husband stayed home for a well-deserved rest (he's gotten up early with Baby Boy on the last few weekends and let me have a lie-in which was bliss! So I thought he deserved some "me" time), and Mia is away with her dad for the weekend. 
We went in search of blackberrys - my mum wanted to make a pie, and hadn't been very succesful in finding many this year, something which I also found last weekend and I think is down to the terrible wet weather we had over the Summer.    We had a lovely walk, and finally managed to find some at last!! That is at least they weren't small & bitty and most of them were actually ripe - and tasted wonderful!  There wasn't as near as many as there usually are at this time of year, but enough for my mum to make her pie!

Perhaps next year I will have more luck myself, and just maybe muster up something to resemble this!; (well, that is the wannabe Domestic Godess inside me can dream!)

(image from my Ideal Home calendar)

Or what about this which i've just come across on the "Delia online" webpage - it's literally made my mouth water;

Something which were in abundance however were these lovely pine cones, they were everywhere in the lane, we collected a basket-full and i'm going to dry them out a little more and paint them with glitter for Christmas, something which Mia will love - as little girls' do she adores anything where glitter is involved!

I'm feeling very Autumnal this evening, the weather is very chilly out, i'm happy to be wrapped up warm indoors with a mug of tea and toast & marmite for supper.  Definitely a night for digging out the crochet blankets and slippers I think!


I've just come to the end of my favourite Yankee Candle, "Cinnamon Stick", perfect for when the nights start drawing in.  I must ask Santa for another one this year!


I've given my dresser a bit of a change around as I do from time to time, usually to reflect the season, lots of reds and browns and this lovely wooden fox jigsaw I found in the local jumble sale for 50p;

And this vintage deer came home with me recently too, something about him caught my eye, another 50p find;

And finally a fantastic box of wooden counters, from my local vintage store, perfect for our old board games! This Autumn & Winter I would like to spend more time as a family playing games, and perhaps a jigsaw or two. I like Mia to take some time out from television and games such as the Wii whenever possible;

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend  - maybe some of you will have had more luck with the blackberrys than we have! :)

Marina xx


  1. Cinnamon Stick is also my favourite Yankee Candle. I was loathe to part with it after I couldn't light it anymore so cut what was left and placed in the bottom of my wardrobe. It still smells strong after 6 months.

  2. I love your 50p deer, it's adorable and I love reading your tales of country living and domestic bliss. This post makes me long for walks in the countryside kicking through the autumn leaves with my mr and little miss :) xx

  3. Hi Marina: I haven't seen very many wild blackberries this year either. There have been some at the Farmer's Market but not as many as usual. Maybe not a good year weather wise? I love the look of that pie with the fancy crust. I envy people that can fix the dough like that, I try but it never looks as professional..You need to replace your candle,this time of year just needs one..Happy Saturday..Judy

  4. I'm always partial to a bit of cheese and marmite on toast when the weather turns cool. Have a lovely rest of weekend! Jx


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