Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Village Jubillee Party & Fancy Dress

Well wasn't the long Bank Holiday a treat!! A shame about the weather, although Monday was, at least, dry! And even the sun came out in the afternoon for the local village Jubillee celebrations!

Mia came home on Sunday evening, I was SO happy to see her, and she was very pleased with the dress!! She tried it on right away, and luckily for me, Teddy had been a great model, as it fitted her perfectly. All it needed was a few tucks in the skirt to "bunch" it up a little and the train hemmed, and we were then ready for the party!!

The Jubillee event took place in the local village where my husband grew up, and was well attended by over 250 people! We were extremely lucky with the weather, and it got better and better as the afternoon progressed.

Mia tried the dress on one last time before we left, although she didn't wear it in the car - she would never have got in! Here she is, minus my long blue satin vintage evening gloves, which she put on once we'd arrived;

A local farmer hosted the celebrations in one of his fields, and the trestle-tables were assembled in a barn, complete with bunting and of course the Union Jack;

The Vicar opened the event with a few words and Mia was thrilled when he asked her, along with the winner of the "best crown" competition (a second-cousin to my husband) to stand alongside him as he made his speech;

Next was the fancy dress competition..Mia waited as the winner was announced, just look at the face!;

And was very pleased indeed to win first prize of £5.00!

We then went back to the car for a quick outfit change! The dress was great, but certainly not the most suitable attire for the huge trampoline and bouncy castle!(can you imagine!) Though in keeping with the Jubillee theme, the next dress was still patriotic!;

Mia spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the attractions;

There was a raffle, treasure hunt, and "name the bear", hubby's gran had knitted the outfit for the huge teddy prize, whose name turned out to be "Frederick"!

And a vintage farm machinery display;

Baby Boy enjoyed himself too - all dressed up in his red, white and blue!;

At 5pm it was time to assemble in the barn for the Jubillee tea-party - it was a huge spread! We devoured the delicious assortment of sandwiches, sausage rolls and cupcakes whilst enjoying music from the 50's;

Someone had even made a lovely cake;

After tea, the children were presented with their commemorative mugs;

And lucky old Mia, as usual, (this isn't the first time!) won a prize in the raffle, an extremely large bar of chocolate!

The celebrations ended with a game of football in the field - this took my lovely husband straight back to his childhood! He and Mia thoroughly enjoyed it whilst Baby Boy and I watched;

Finally, at 9pm, we took a very tired but happy Baby Boy and Mia home to bed, we had all had a lovely time, what wonderful memories we will have of the Diamond Jubillee! Hopefully a day that Mia will remember for the rest of her life!


  1. What a perfect day, Mia's dress was stunning, clever Mummy! not at all surprised she won, the afternoon tea looked yummy too.
    Thea x

  2. Hi Marina: Mia looked fabulous! and it all looks like so much fun. I'm not surprised at all that she took 1st prize. The food looks delicious and looks like you had a lot of it. What a fun celebration..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Marina these photos are the best Jubilee ones I have seen - fantastic! I am so happy for you that Mia is home and WOW she looks simply beautiful in the dress you made - gorgeous!!! Didnt bub look adorable too! Have a great weekend hon, Becks xxx

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  5. I am so pleased she won.Baby boy looks so sweet.x

  6. Wow - the dress really is stunning and congrats to Mia for winning 1st Prize!

    Looks like you had such a fab day and built many wonderful memories to cherish.

    Shame the weather has gone downhill, the wind practically blew our gazebo away last night - poor hub was out there this morning battling to take the rest of it down!

    Stay warm xx

  7. You certainly had fun celebrating with your family. You will all have the most fabulous memories of this special occasion to reminisce over in years to come. Congrats to you and Mia for winning the competition, very well deserved!
    Lisa x

  8. I'm not surprised Mia won the prize,she looked like a little princess in her dress.You must have been so proud.What a fabulous day you all had,lots of lovely memories to treasure. :0)

  9. Looks like you had a perfect weekend! Mia dress is amazing! I'm not surprised she won. Have a great weekend! Love Katie xxxx

  10. Looks like such a fun Jubilee event! Congrats to Mia for winning first prize for her lovely dress :)

  11. Utterly,utterly gorgeous.What a clever lady you are Marina.
    Looks like you've had a blast at the party too. Isn't it wonderful when the country is united....
    Joasia x

  12. Woooah, look at that dress! That is absolutely fab! You are so clever. Before you wrote that Mia won, I was thinking "she best win a prize for that or I'll go insane", ha! Well done Mia and you.
    Looks like such a fun day. All the food looks absolutely delicious. Nothing was going on in my town which is pretty boring! I stayed in with my Mum and Gran and watched all the events on TV. (My crown didn't exactly go to plan as we didn't have any card in, had to use printer paper so definitely was not worthy of a picture! And if I ever find the weird doll I'll send it yours and Mia's way haha!)
    Have a lovely weekend.


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