Friday, 22 June 2012

And The Winner is............

Hello All!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Giveaway! I have to admit Mia and I have been very excited this evening to pick the winner! We wrote everyone's names on to pieces of paper and poppped them in to the (empty!) teapot;

I wish everyone could have won, but there can only be one winner tonight, and that is....

MARIA!!! (Rose Tinted Spectacles) Well done Maria!! I am so pleased for you and very excited to send off your parcel - please can you send me an e-mail ( with your address and I will post your parcel off to you next week.

I'm sure you will love the magazine! And the little mystery "box of delights" I have put together for you.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, I have really enjoyed hosting this Giveaway - I will certainly be doing another one in the Autumn!

Marina xx


  1. Congratulations to Maria!
    Thanks for your message. Thank you also for emailing about the boo, I didn't mean for you to contact the magazine about the book, though I do appreciate it very much, it was very thoughtful of you.
    Lisa x

  2. Congratulations Maria!! xxxx

  3. Congratulations to Maria! And doesnt Mia look adorable with the winning ticket! Becks xxx

  4. Congrats to Maria!! :) ~Love Heather

  5. That's a lovely winner. I'm pleased for Maria.

  6. Hello,
    It's me!!
    Thank you Marina, just got your post!
    Aww' how lucky am I, that your lovely little one picked me!!
    Thank you Mia, you just made my day!!
    Maria x

    1. Hi Maria!! I'm so pleased :)) if you could e-mail me with your address i will post your parcel off to you - Mia was very happy for you too xx

  7. Hello Marina, I took your wise advice and subscribed to Pretty Nostalgia, and today received the free book ... It's fabulous, nd totally unique! Thank you very much for pointing me in this delightful direction, the subscription and free book is very good value as the book alone is worth £25. Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

    1. Hello, only me again! Have put a link to you on my blog, thought you might want to take a look ... xxx

  8. Hello Marina,
    Thank you, I have received your box of treasure now and I must say it is so lovely!
    I have done a post of gratitude over on mine..
    I simply love 'old' things that have had a past life...
    Kind regards Maria x

  9. Hi Marina,

    I've just tried to email you regarding the jar of love swap, but realised you have a no-reply blogger set up. Can you let me know your email address? Hope your o.k. Love Katie xxx

  10. Hello Marina,
    I found you through Maria's blog. Great to meet you. We are not that far away from each other, I'm at the south end of Wales. Your blog is delightful and I have added it to my "spiffing good read" blogroll. I look forward to visiting you often.
    All the Best

  11. Hi Marina: I haven't checked in with you for awhile. So much going on and when I get back to it there have been so many posts that it is hard to catch up. Congratulations to your winner, she just contacted me from Thea's blog and now I'm following her. She writes a really lovely post and I look forward to visiting with her more. How are the kids doing? Is Mia on summer vacation from school. I bet Baby Boy is growing like a weed. Take care and I'll be back later..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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