Saturday, 2 June 2012

Big Fat Jubillee Wedding!!!

This is only going to be a quick post, i'm actually in the process of uploading some photographs of the Jubillee Swaps that i've taken part in, so I will finish that post off tomorrow. First though, I wanted to show you what i've been up to today!

By the way, thank you all for your comments on my previous post, especially regarding Mia..she is home!! That is, she's back in the UK, she won't actually come back to me until tomorrow evening, but i've spoken to her on the phone, and I'm happy again now that I know she's close by. She sounded very tired, but happy, and i'm sooooo looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!

In the meantime I decided to make her a costume for the Fancy Dress competition at the Jubillee event that we are attending on Monday afternoon. There is no particular theme, the children are allowed to dress up in anything they choose, but I wanted to carry on the Jubillee theme. Yesterday I was completely stuck for inspiration, and came home from town with nothing! But this morning Baby Boy & I went back again and spent a good half our in our local haberdashery. Gosh I LOVE it in there, shelves upon shelves of ribbons, sequins, feathers, and rolls of every kind of fabric imaginable! I came home with 2 metres of Union Jack satin, 2 metres of red sparkly netting, 3 bags of red, white and silver sequins and some silver ribbon.

My plan was to make some kind of dress, using Mia's old bridesmaid dress (from our wedding) as an underskirt. What I desperately needed though, was a dressmakers dummy - something which I don't have! So, I had to improvise...and 10 minutes later hubby walked in as I was busy sticking one of Mia's large teddy bears on to an old clothes stand with parcel tape! I must have looked completely crazy..but it worked very well!! Once i've taken the dress off it I will post a picture, it looks hilarious!

Finally, after an afternoon of sewing, my inspiration came back! I think it must have been the large amount of sparkly red netting - that, coupled with the huge hoop underskirt made me think My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding we have ...MY BIG FAT JUBILLEE WEDDING!:

What do we think? I just Mia to come home tomorrow and try it on, so I can add tucks in to the skirt, and hem the train..which is going to a LONG train!! and i've already started making a crown from the silver, red and blue sequins;

Hopefully Mia will be very pleased! Something nice to come home too - she has no idea we are even going to the Jubillee party, so it will be a lovely surprise! I'm looking forward to her trying the dress on tomorrow - hopefully it will look a lot better on her than on the bear! I will keep you posted!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far, i'm really enjoying all of the Jubillee-themed posts lately, everyone appears to be getting in to the spirit of things, making and decorating! I love it! xx


  1. Hi Marina: That is beautiful!! Mia will look so pretty and I'm sure she will love it. You are so clever and enjoy the party..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. Marina you are a creative genius - what a gorgeous dress. I am cracking up over the teddy bear though - it is almost kind of spooky (like something out of Dr Who!). I hope you all have a magical time celebrating on Monday. Becks xxx

  3. The Fancy dress competition sounds like fun. The dress is just lovely, I am sure Mia will be very pleased with it...a very pretty Jubilee Princess indeed! :)

  4. What a lovely Mummy you are - I'm sure Mia will love it, what a spectacular dress :)

    Love your teddy dressmaking dummy, you never know they may catch on!

    Have a fab weekend xx

  5. Oh Mia's going to be thrilled with her jubillee clever are you!
    Have a wonderful time. :0)

  6. Very good idea using the teddy bear! Mia is going to love her new dress, it's wonderful and a long train will make it feel so regal!
    Hope you all have fun at the party.
    Lisa x

  7. You are very talented. Just love all this jubilee excitement

  8. Wonderful piece of art, well done!
    Joasia x

  9. Genius! Clever gilie, I love it and bet Mia does too! X x x

  10. Oh the dress is Adorable!! Wow can't wait to see Mia in it!! Well Done!! Love Heather

  11. I think you're SO clever - the dress is gorgeous. I look forward to seeeing some pictures of the party. I also think that the bear carries the dress off very well indeed!!!! Jx


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