Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Two Toadstools and a Jubillee Dresser!

I know that you're probably all completely "Jubillee'd-out" by now, but I had to post a few pictures of my current dresser display! I will also be keeping this up for the Olympics, with perhaps just a few changes here and there;

Over the past 6 months I have been collecting royal memorabilia from charity shops and jumble sales in readiness for my display, including a 1977 Silver Jubillee tray, 99p:

Commemorative mugs from Royal Weddings, the Diamond and Golden Jubillee and an original Coronation beaker, this was just 10p from a jumble sale last year, the others were all between 30p - £1.00;

A lovely display, which cost me next to nothing!

This original flag came from the loft of my late Nan's house, my mum remembers waving it at a street party celebrating the Coronation when she was a little girl;

Now you're probably thinking what an earth my Jubillee display has to do with the Toadstools! Well....nothing, only that they fitted in to the colour theme so they were allowed to stay. I've been dying to show you these since I bought them last month at the Smallholder & Garden Festival in Builth Wells;

Aren't they lovely!! You could watch them being carved, and for an extra 50p, a name added;

for Mia and Baby Boy!!

Mia was very pleased...and perhaps one day Baby Boy will be too! I just couldn't resist them as i've developed quite a thing for Toadstools recently! I've been admiring some fabric and miniature pegs from Ebay, as well as these lovely fairy-lights, candles and felt models from the Dotcomgiftshop;

We could definitely have some fun with those I think!

Marina xx


  1. A dresser fit for a Queen and a Gold medal !!
    I love the addition of the toadstall's, and your vintage flag is very special.
    Thea x

  2. Ooh nice dresser dearest! I love it! Cute toadstools too. For a mo I thought you'd got them engraved with Elizabeth and Philip (AKA Liz and Pip) but I guess that wouldn't be fair on your kids!!
    Hope all well
    x xx x

  3. The dresser looks fab but I absolutely adore the toadstools and the string of lights. Everyone should have some.
    Joasia x

  4. I love your looks Fab! Those little toadstools sure are cute, it is a nice touch that you can get them personalised. I do love toadstools, I think they are adorable!
    Have a great day today :)
    Magie x

  5. What a great way to have a Jubilee display. I think I've got some of those commemorative mugs somewhere... I certainly remember the one from the Silver Jubilee. Jx

  6. I love your jubilee display! What a great idea. Your little toadstools are so sweet too, what a lovely keepsake for the kiddies xxx

  7. You certainly have a very impressive collection of memorabilia there!
    The toadstools are very cute,and how lovely that you still have the flag from your Nan's.A precious heirloom that maybe Mia or Ethan will be waving at the next coronation! :0)

  8. I think your display looks Jubilee-tastic!

    I have a thing for toadstools too, they are very cute - love yours, so sweet with the names on the back!


  9. Great display!
    I love toadstools, they are so cute.

  10. Wow - you could almost open a shop Marina! Your dresser looks fabulous!!! Oh and I just adore the wee mushroom lights, sooo sweet. What a lovely post hon. Becks xxx

  11. LOVE your dresser,I want one now! Your collection is great and I love picking up memoribilia in the CS,some great prices.Dont get Me started on toadstools,lol,I love them all!happy weekend,xxx

  12. Your dresser looks so good. Such a good idea to have started collecting early for a special occasion.
    love dotcom giftshop for all the fab things they sell.
    Lisa x

  13. Hiya again,
    Love it all Marina,What a good idea to keep jubilant till the Olmpics....
    It is certainly our year in Old blighty!
    Have loved catching up...
    The toadstool lights are fab!
    Maria x

  14. Hi Marina, me again! Just to let you know I have nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award' - details on my blog, hope you like it!

    Estelle xx


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