Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Lovely Weekend

What beautiful weather we have had this weekend! The Guinea Pigs Dexter & Bracken have enjoyed their large run out on the lawn; probably their first ever time on grass! Being rescue piggies and less than a year old they have been indoors over the Winter and have been waiting for some warm weather. Yesterday they wouldn't venture out of their hidey house at all, but today braved their first steps on to grass - they did look bewilded! I watched from my vintage deckchair;

I've wanted one of these for absolutely ages, but have always just got away on ebay or been just a little too expensive, so you can imagine my joy when i came across this one in my favourite vintage shop in town for just £6!! SIX POUNDS! I couldn't believe it! The canvas is still strong with just a few damp spots which doesn't spoil it a bit; i snapped it up the minute i saw it and carried it all the way home!

Yesterday the weather was just as glorious, so after a morning spent doing the usual household chores and pegging out 3 loads of washing we decided to take a picnic tea and go for a sunny walk up to the Elan Valley Dams. It was a perfect afternoon, i was so glad that we took the camera;

Baby Boy had a lovely time, wide awake in his pram with his little sun hat on!;

On the way back to the car we walked past the old Church, still in use, doesn't it look beautiful!;

This is the wonderful view from the Church; wouldn't it be a fantastic place to get married don't you think? Imagine the lovely photographs;

We took 50 photographs in all, i'm very pleased with them, hubby wants to turn some of them in to canvas prints, they will look wondeful on our dining room wall. I feel very lucky to live where we do, the Elan Valley is just 15 minutes drive from home, and is a wondeful place to walk. We had a yummy picnic tea before heading home, Summer has come early!

I hope you have all had a lovely sunny weeekend too xx


  1. Lovely photos - I especially love the old church. It looks so atmospheric! But of course the best photo is your wee boy - what a cutie. Have a great week hon. Becks x

  2. Your photos are lovely. I remember going to the Elan Valley many years ago and thought it beautiful and your photos really do it justice.

  3. What a gorgeous picture of your little one! Glad that you had time to enjoy the fabulous weather. Jx

  4. nice blog dear!!!follow u!!!i've a new post on my blog...i hope to have your opinion...kisses

  5. the photos are beautiful, you surely spent a lovely weekend here!


  6. Fabulous photos of a great day out and you are so right what a setting for a wedding! I love the deckchair and what a find! Suzy x

  7. What a lovely area...great photo's! They would make perfect canvas prints :)
    I love the vintage style deck chairs..£6 is a really good price. Looks like the perfect spot just to take it easy and enjoy the sunshine :)
    Have a lovely day!

  8. That deckchair was a fantastic find! Looks like a lovely place to take a walk...I love the little church,I bet it IS very popular for weddings.Were you able to take a peek inside I wonder?
    Hope the lovely weather lasts a bit longer...enjoy! :0)

  9. The deck chair looks so inviting and the walk ,simply beautiful.Its nice to see that lovely church is still used.
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing.
    Joasia x

  10. Your part of the world looks so beautiful. When I first saw your header I thought it was Lake Vrnwy. That's a place we visit a lot. Thank you for finding me and following. I love your blog x


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