Monday, 8 October 2012

Some Good News

Hello all, and thank you for the lovely comments as usual on my last post  - Mia was thrilled to read how so many of you mentioned her beloved "Alf" be it bad or good! She was especially pleased to note Vintage Coconut's comment in that we were right, he was a 70's/80/s cartoon character, and she told us to check out You Tube where some old episodes can be found - Mia loves Alf all the more now..oh dear!
Well we finally had an answer on the house and our offer has been accepted!! We have therefore agreed to the offer on ours, and things are moving along smoothly so far...fingers well & truly crossed!!  Whilst trying not to get too excited at this early stage, we are relieved to finally have an answer and all being well, we should move at the end of November/early December - in time for Christmas! Ohhh trying not to think yet at how wonderful the new house will be to decorate for the festive season!!
And now that I mention Christmas, I know i'm not the only one of us who has been busy planning and perhaps buying a few little gifts already.  I found these most gorgeous Scandinavian girl & boy decorations yesterday in Hobbycraft at just £1.29 each;

It was actually my first EVER trip to Hobbycraft!! I've always wanted to go, but living in remote Mid-Wales i've never had the opportunity, so I was so pleased to find that when we went to Hereford on Saturday to buy Baby Boy a new car seat (he's already grown out of his first one, where has the time gone!?) a new Hobbycraft store has opened right next door to Halfords where we were going to buy the seat! I'd just spent hours in the town waiting with Baby Boy whilst the husband chose some new work shirts and trousers  - I did not expect it to take as long as it did, and certainly wasn't aware at how many different sizes men's shirts come in, e.g. neck size, width, etc, not just plain old small, medium or large then!!  Hmmm not much time to browse the charity shops afterwards, so I wasn't in the best of moods when we went out of town to Halfords..that is, until I spied Hobbycraft! The husband had no choice but wait why I had a browse!
I also came away with some lanterns for Halloween, we always decorate the dresser and have a little family party with lots of scary costumes and party food, so these will be great;
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather is certainly getting nippy now, definitely time for a cup of tea and perhaps a sneaky bun whilst browsing the new Prima Christmas Makes 2012 magazine!

 (image google)

Marina xx


  1. Congratulations lovely girl!!!! I am thrilled for you and I truly hope it all goes very smoothly.
    This is in haste as meant to be working but I didn't want to read and go without leaving a message.
    So chuffed for you!!!!
    xx x x x x

  2. Brilliant news on the house and love the Scandinavian dolls xx

  3. Good news for you. I have not seen you around for a while or shall we say you've not shown up on my blogger! Are you moving far and it sounds like it's to a nice home to be. x

  4. That's fabulous news lets hope it doesn't take to long, I love the little dolls, I have just bought that mag, full of Christmas loveliness
    Happy Monday
    Thea x

  5. You have a lovely blog and I'm so glad I dropped by xx

  6. When I read your comment on my post about the decorations I was hoping that it meant the house offer had been accepted, so I am so thrilled for you that it is good news!!!
    Hoping that the rest of the buying/selling goes smoothly.
    I spied that mag yesterday, is it any good?
    Last week I went to our local Haskins garden centre and next door is a branch of Hobbycraft, but I didn't have time to go in, will have to make time soon!
    Lisa x

  7. Hi Marina,
    I'm so glad you found my blog because now I have found yours and become your newest follower :) loving those sweet hobbycraft decorations!
    Victoria xx

  8. Hello Marina,
    just wanted to say, Thank you for dropping in on me and it is always lovely to hear from you....
    Really pleased for you with the home move, not easy all the selling jargo!
    I love the lead up to Halloween and like Mia, I think it is my fav time to celebrate, well they say their is a little 'witch' in all of us! hehe..
    loVe the lanterns and have a had a quick peek in prima too...
    Have a week full of fun marina...
    loVe Maria x

  9. Wowza, a MASSIVE congrat's on the house news!We're hoping to move but waiting for Steve's flat to sell first which (in the current climate) is taking FOREVER!

    On a different note, plllleeeaaaseee post on my wall and let me know if the prima mag is worth it- I'd spied it in Sainsbury's but wasn't sure if I should invest as we're trying to watch the cash at the moment.Rx

  10. Ahhhh I was so so happy for you when you said you'd got the house! Huuuuge congrats! Hope everything else runs smoothly for you!
    And oh my, I really want those Scandinavian decorations! We have a lot of things like that because my mum brought them all over from when she lived in Sweden. Although we do have a really awful one that gives me the creeps every year. It's like a Santa beard with no face or anything, very strange. My mum loves it though and insists it stays on the tree ha!
    & I am really enjoying university now! I'll be doing a post on it in a few weeks :) The town that it's in has a few charity shops so I spent my free on Friday afternoon going round them all (and was super pleased when one of them was having a cake sale!!). Thanks for asking!

  11. I love buns and Christmas decoration. A friend of mine Ana brings me every year a detail for my Christmas tree from her summer travels, so my tree looks a little bit special

  12. Congratulations - I am really pleased to hear that you have moved into the next stage of the moving process. It will be wonderful if can get in for Christmas. How exciting! Jx

  13. congrats my lovely xx hope it all goes well...ive been sorting out all the labels for your christmas goodies this morning- id been ill with sickness/tummy bug. I'm at no.22 with your giftys- i'm not usually so organised ;0)xx

  14. Hi Marina. I've been so behind in visiting with everyone and I'm trying to catch up but it's really hard! Thank you for your kind words on my post, I always love hearing from you and I read ahead on yours, as I had missed the one about Alf. I remember there was a TV show with normal people and this one character in a shaggy costume that was from another planet and Mia's Alf looks like him although I don't remember him looking as scary. No wonder Baby Boy is afraid. I can remember getting Tami's room so cute and then she wanted something in it that didn't jive with the decor. But that's what kids are all about, enjoy while you can. You will look so beautiful in your new dress. What a good buy you got. Take care and I will talk to you later, not so long next time!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. How exciting, and to be moved in time for Christmas is the icing on the cake. Are you staying around the same area? My niece lives in Mid Wales, Newtown. I love those Scandinavian decorations, I can feel a trip to Hobbycraft coming on.

  16. Hi, You have a little surprise in my blog

  17. Hi Marina,I'm so happy about the house ,fingers,toes and everything crossed for you. Love hobbycraft and the decorations are great,I'll have to pop in My local one,happy week lovely ,Xxxx

  18. Hi,
    I missed the last post, but I remember Alf very well. He must've been popular here in the Czech Rep too because there is an empty Alf bubble bath container in Roman's parents house!
    I wish I could buy Prima Makes here, it looks great. Your decsare so cute. You must be sooo excited about moving. I can't wait to see your new home. xxx

  19. Congratulations!
    Happy weekend.


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