Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Family Halloween Fun!

Over the weekend we celebrated Halloween a little early, due to Mia going to spend some time with her dad this week over the half-term.
As usual, we had our little family party on Saturday evening, we have a large fancy dress box which we add to now and again when I manage to find second-hand dressing up costumes in charity shops or at a very reduced price (50p in our local Tesco!!). These provide hours of entertainment, and Mia loves us to dress up and take photographs in the various costumes, wigs and masks! Saturday evening we had;

We put up a few decorations and had a party-tea consisting of “Dead Man’s Finger” hot-dogs and “Zombi flesh and minced-brain” (pepperoni and chilli minced beef) pizza.  The table decorations, plates, napkins & crackers were all bought at a very reduced price - 60p for the box of crackers after Halloween last year (Tesco), which i've worked out will last us for 2 more years to come! And the plates, cups & napkins were all sealed in their packets and in the local jumble sale at 10p a pack! (again, these will last us another few years yet!)

Washed down with a “blood” drink, (red food colouring added to lemonade). Mia LOVES this, and the husband makes the horrible drink every year – which usually ends up being left in the jug after only a few sips because the lemonade is tainted by the taste of the “beetroot” red food-colouring! Still, it’s all good fun, and despite this Mia always insists that he make it. 

We ate our gruesome tea whilst listening to a CD of horror music and by the light of a few lanterns. Baby Boy didn’t quite know what to make of it! He kept looking behind him at the huge spider!
Afterwards it was time to carve the pumpkins which the husband and Mia got stuck in to whilst I put Baby Boy to bed, and then it was time for Ghost Stories by the light of the pumpkins – which made for more fun than a DVD!
However it was perhaps not a good idea to have done this before bed, we’d hastily chosen a story from a book of ghost stories that I’d bought some time ago from a jumble sale and never read, so I’d asked the husband to choose a suitable one for Mia. Unfortunately as the story unfolded, it was becoming blatantly clear that it was not quite as suitable as he'd first thought - judging by Mia's wide-eyed look of horror as he began to describe the "mutilated  body of poor little Tommy Tucker"!  I quickly intervened, announced that I wanted to finish off the story, and pretended that it had all been a "joke" all along, and that Little Tommy Tucker was in fact alive and well, and had been hiding behind the door, as opposed to being killed by an unknown entity in the creepy cellar!  Mia seemed satisfied with this explanation and told me as I was kissing her good-night "i'm so glad that Tommy Tucker was OK!"  Hmm, mental note I think to put that book away for another few years, despite it stating "suitable for ages 8 years & up"!
I will leave you with a photo of Baby Boy's bat picture which our child-minder bravely made with him and her 18 month old daughter last week - apparently there was glitter everywhere!
Happy Halloween!
Marina x


  1. Hi Marina. I just have to smile at all your going-ons. So much fun when the kids are little. So much better than when they start to trick-or-treat and you don't know where they are. I'm so happy Baby-Boy wasn't afraid of the spider and you were smart to refigure the story for Mia. You have made so many good memories..Happy Halloween..Judy

  2. Looks like you have had tons of Halloween fun, what a selection of costumes and wigs and masks you have!
    I would have been quaking at the sound of that ghost story too!
    Glad there was a 'happy ending'!
    Lisa x

  3. Ooh looks like you had lots of fun Marina!
    Victoria xx

  4. Looks like you had a great Halloween party Marina. Thanks for sharing your photos xxxx

  5. some costumes are just so scarey!!!

  6. Hi Marina, I've just popped over from Mad About Bags and I'm your 'swappee'....looks like you had a lovely family 'fright' night here!! If you want to contact me, my email is and we can swap addresses and ideas etc... off to look more at your blog now!! :)

  7. Hi Marina, really awful, Poor baby, but he looks happy , perhaps he used to your crazy parties, It's too much for me, I think I'm going to have problems to sleep tonight.
    :) Marina from Spain

  8. Hi Marina, me again. Just want to thank you for your kind words to me. Sounds like we both got lucky in the Dad department. I enjoyed looking at your fun 'fright night' again..Happy Weekend..Judy

  9. Great pumpkins, I love the expressions. I completely failed to buy a pumpkin in time and had to carve to large oranges instead!

  10. What a fabulous party, some great costumes there and what bargains you've had. It's great to get them when reduced because when you do come to use them it's a good feeling knowing what you paid for them and the fun they are providing for such silly prices! Suzy x

  11. looks like you had an amazing party those masks are well spooky. dee xx

  12. Ahhh the costumes are great!
    Made me laugh what you called the food. Reminded me of when we used to go to my aunties house on Halloween when we were kids and she had cocktail sausages named "Bats Willies" hahaha, still makes me laugh!
    & wow, can't believe that book is meant to be suitable for ages 8+, that's mad! I'd have been freaked out at that. So lovely that you read bedtime stories to Mia, I don't think my mum ever read them to me! Then again I was my own bookworm, so I probably insisted I read them myself ha!
    Baby Boy's picture looks great too, artist in the making!!
    Hope you're ok and having a nice bonfire night xxx

  13. Blimey some scary pictures there :)

    Hi - I'm VintageVicki and we've been paired up in Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping Christmas Swap :) I tried to find a way to email you direct but couldn't - could you email me so we can get to know each others likes/dislikes a bit better - though reading your blog I think we like very similar things :) Thankyou

  14. It sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Love the gruesome costumes and the names for the food are hilarious.

  15. Not heard from you on here for a while now!! - Hope everything is ok and the house move is going well! xx


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