Thursday, 2 August 2012

Royal Welsh Show

We had a lovely couple of days at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells last week. There had been much speculation in the past month as to whether or not it would still go ahead, due to the horrendous weather we have all been experiencing of late. However, we were extremely lucky, and the sun baked down for the whole four days – dare I say it, it was perhaps even a little too hot! (Mia thought so, anyway).

I thought I’d share with you some photographs of the fantastic entries in the produce and handicraft competitions. If you are a Kirstie Allsop fan like me, you may very well have watched her Handmade Britain series last year, whereby she attended at the Royal Welsh and took part in some of these classes.

I LOVE things like this, I literally spent a good hour here, much to Mia’s annoyance, I had to promise her a go on her favourite “Bat Ride” afterwards in order to keep her happy!

We have “an animal from a vegetable”;

The Lion, above, took first prize, but I also loved these!:

The Queen’s Jubilee children’s section:

Some lovely tea-cosies:

A great way to display a Family Tree:

And now this just had to be my favourite class - the Queens Jubilee Cake Competition. There were only 3 enties here, but oh my goodness just look at them - this is the cake which took not only first place - but my breath away as well, it's just amazing!

A Street Party scene, it's hard to believe it's actually a cake - looks way too good to eat!

This cake came 2nd, still fantastic;

And 3rd:

I thought these cakes were fantastic too, the standard in all of the competitions was extremely high;

I have to hand it to her, poor Mia was bored stiff after an hour watching me excitedly take photographs and trying to drag me away from that amazing cake, so a go on the "Bat Drop" ride was definitely called for! She goes on this every year, it's something she always looks forward to. When she was younger I used to have to go on with her..very glad she's old enough to go on her own, i'm more than happy just to have an icecream and watch!

We had a lovely day, but i'm very glad it's over now for another year, if you're familiar with my blog you'll know that my husband works for the Royal Welsh, and we hardly see him in the build-up and during that week, he's always extremely busy indeed!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of the amazing wood carvings - now imagine having those in your garden - I wonder how much that bear would cost?!

Hope you're all having a good week,
Marina xx


  1. Hello Marina
    Lovely photo's of the show, I love the union jack cake with the Queen sitting on top, she has a wonderful expression
    Thea x

  2. Animal from a vegetable is SO CUTE! I love the Lion and Sheep also bottom left [Whatever it is it's CUTE]

  3. Woo wee, looks like you had a great time. all those cakes are amazing! I would never have the patience to complete something like that! I also really love the cauliflower sheep! Inspired! Love Katie xx

  4. Oh I've not been to the Royal Welsh for years - I was CONVINCED I was going to win a bull in the raffle one year, I think my Mum was rather glad I didn't! I love these shows so much though. There is a mini fete at a local church in September with the same kind of crafty stuff to enter. I'm desperate to make an animal for vegetables now!

  5. Hello dear, nice to have you back. This all looks like so much fun. I love the vegetable animals. My favourite has got to be the broccoli and new potato sheep! xx


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