Friday, 15 February 2013

The Pen-Pal Pairs!!!

Hello all!

Well finally here I am with the pen-pal pairs as promised! I've really enjoyed looking through everyone's blogs and trying to pair everyone up - I hope i've done a good job!

Thank you again to everyone who has taken part, I was really thrilled with the amount of interest, and we actually ended up with 11 of us so I have paired myself with two of you - I hope you won't mind!! (I'm more than happy!)

So here we are;

Jill at Homespun Seasons;
and Jean at Rowan Trees and Bumblebees

Tracey at Mad About Bags; and Millie at New World;

Karen at Me, My Camera, Eye; and Joy at Welcome to Daisy Row;

Busy Little Chicken; and Miz-bag at Sidmouth Poppy;

Sue from Vintage from the Village; and me at Evelyn May

Laura from Domestic Doris; me; at Evelyn May

I've been through the list carefully but if i've forgotten anyone i'm so sorry and please let me know!!

Now that i've announced the pairs it's down to you, I invite you to contact your pan-pal via their blog and arrange to swap addresses, etc, via e-mail and then you can get started! I will really look forward to hearing how everyone gets on - a year from now I will do a blogpost update :) As I said in my first post, it's up to you how often you write, and some of you might agree this with your pen-pal before you begin.

Who knows...perhaps 20 years from now some of us will still be writing..isn't that a lovely thought!

Good Luck xx


  1. What lovely idea! Gutted I've missed out. Have fun ladies
    Victoria xx

  2. So excited! Send me your address via email ( & we can sort everything out. Thanks for organising it all.

    L xxx

  3. Hey brilliant! Am on my phone at the moment so I will get on the proper computer later and get in touch :-) have a great day x

  4. Thank you for pairing our penpals up. I am looking forward to meeting my new friend. Hope you are feeling better.

    Jean x

  5. Ooh I remember 'Pen pals.....Such fun! I think I had a couple of friends from France....Thanks Marina for good wishes on my earlier post...It's always lovely of You to pop in, my friend! Sending' Twinkles' ****** Maria x

  6. Hi again, my email is so send me your address when you get a minute. Cant wait ! Thanks for organising it all
    Sue x

  7. Thanks Marina, will get in touch with Miz-bag over the weekend! :)

  8. Thanks Marina, shall get in touch with Joy, though we already know each other :) xxx

  9. thanks Marina, looking forward to exchanging letters with Karen


Thank you for your lovely messages! They really do brighten up my day xx