Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Sign of Spring...

Just a quick post, I hope you are all having a nice weekend, unfortunately the husband and Mia have been ill most of the week with the flu, the husband in particular has been really ill and in bed most of the time. Baby Boy & I have (touch wood) so far escaped...lets hope it stays that way!

Today the sun shone and was weather-wise the best day by far that we've had since moving to the new house, until now i'd never seen the garden draped in sunshine. I'm sure we haven't seen the worst of the wintery weather just yet, and only a week ago all was white with snow, however a sign that Spring is on it's way slowly..our first Snowdrops under the old apple tree in the garden;

They remind me of my Grandma, she used to love to find the first snowdrops, Spring was her favourite season.

Baby Boy was not a happy bunny that i'd left him in the pushchair while I went to photograph the snowdrops, just look at the face!

Aah that's better...

It's been an unsettled week, I hope we get back to normal very soon when everyone is on the mend, I've kept busy researching the history of our house, many nights i've been up until the early hours searching the net, it can become totally addictive but i've found out so much in such a short time, i'm in the process of writing a blog post about the family who lived here 100 years ago, I find it facinating.

Also a quick reminder that in my previous post I mentioned a pen-pal pairing, a few of you have left a comment to say that you'd like to take part so i've decided to go ahead! if anyone would be interested in taking part then here's the link to my last post with all the info;

I will keep it open until Friday 8th February;

Marina xx


  1. get better soon to your daughter n hubby ;0)...we have been fighting off another blooming bug this weekend- sophia seems to go back to school healthy and catch another...time of the year i guess. love the spring bulbs pic...your son is a real sweet heart x

  2. Hope all better soon. Would love to hear about your house history - I love stuff like that. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  3. There's loads of snowdrops round our way. They seem to have coped with all the cold and rain remarkably well. Cute photos of baby boy! Jx

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better very soon.
    Gladdens your heart to see such sweet signs of Spring.
    Lisa x


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