Thursday, 2 February 2012

Some Favourite (Snowy) Pictures...

Well first of all I must say how touched I have been with all of the wonderful comments i have received from you all on my first two posts! They have truly meant a lot, and each one has brightened my day a a big thank you!!
A couple of you have asked whether the header photo (snowy view) is a local view, and i'm very pleased to say it is - it was taken on Christmas Eve 2010 at my parents home where i grew up, and is just a few miles now from where we live in Mid Wales. We actually entered that photo in the "best view" category at the local village show last year and won 2nd prize!

The photo is one of many taken on that magical Christmas Eve, and i thought that today would be as good as any (especially as a couple of you actually have some snow at the moment!) to share a few more with you, they are definitely some of my most favourite...

The family home is a third of a mile up this lovely lane, and on that Christmas Eve we had to leave our car at the bottom and walk up - luckily we'd brought the sledge to pull up the presents and our contribution towards the Xmas meal; the Christmas pud & box of crackers! When the snow is this bad the residents take it in turns to collect one another's milk and post which are left at the village school at the bottom of the lane. As a child I loved it when it was our turn as i'd get to sledge all the way down!!

We walk past the Church where we were married:

And the final stretch..Mia ploughed ahead here as she was hungry for her Nanny's xmas dinner:

After a lovely lunch Mia made use of the sledge and we all went for a walk along the lane just above the house which is wonderful in all seasons but especially that day! Here are a few photos:

And then back home for tea & mince-pies, But not before a few photos of my mum's coloured Ryeland sheep, ducks and chickens, who appeared not to mind the snow at all, once a path had been dug for the chickens that is!:

It was a very special day and i have really enjoyed creating this post this afternoon, i hope you will enjoy reading it, and who knows..with the cold spell we are having at the moment, we may well have some more snow and i will be able to share yet more snowy pictures x


  1. It sounds like a simply magical day.=] The first time that I visited you, I did gasp at that beautiful first view!

    but, sigh. At the moment, I'm trying to imagine the magic of the first snow.... it's starting to feel stale. But, then, come next fall - it will all be new and glittery again.

  2. What a beautiful place to live,lucky you. I will love reading your blog keep warm Lesley x

  3. Loved your snowy all looks so magical where you live.
    Hoping we'll have a little bit of snow here this weekend....fingers crossed! :0)

  4. What an amazing place to live. Such great photographs and a lovely Christmas memory. I think your mum's sheep look really cute.

  5. Hi Marina, I ve awarded you with the verstile blogger award,pop on over to mine to collect,;O) lots of love,juliexxx

  6. Oh Marina you live in a very beautiful spot! What gorgeous photos of your equally gorgeous family. I used to live in the west country and drive through South Wales on the way to visit my really is a magical part of world. Becks

  7. hello, it is lovely to meet you.
    you surely do live in a such a gorgeous place!! i am very glad that in next april i will visit in Cardiff. i so much looking for the train journey from London to Wales.


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