Sunday, 5 February 2012

Short-lived Snowman!

We were reminded of a scene from "The Snowman" this morning, when the little boy looks out of his bedroom window to see nothing but a melting pile of snow :(

This was poor Mia's experience upon waking, rushing to look out of her window at the the little Snowman that she and the children over the road had find that sadly the thaw had already set in, and he was reduced to slush. Poor Mia,
I can sympathise with's not just the melted snowman, it was the "magic" of yesterday afternoon, and i can still remember that feeling from when i was her age. It was heightened by the fact that it was unexpected, we had started the day as a usual Saturday morning, she and hubby had gone off to the swimming pool and baby boy & I were staying at home in the warm. I'd mentioned on Friday evening that we may possibly have some snow, but as we hadn't had any that morning, Mia had thought nothing of it. However...upon leaving the swimming pool the snow storm had begun - and she arrived home shreaking with excitement, "Mum it's SNOWING!!!"

And it snowed all afternoon - I was starting to believe that by today we would be 6 inches deep in snow, and began to imagine the school being closed, Benj not being able to get in to work, and spending a "snowed in" family day at home on Monday - (we'd had a couple of days like that last year!).

After warming up from the swimming with bacon sarnies and hot cups of tea whilst watching the snow rapidly cover the garden:

Mia came rushing in to the kitchen full of excitement at the fact that the children next door were all out playing in the snow and PLEASE could she go and join them!! This was followed by a frantic rush around the house, digging out all of her woolies, ear muffs, waterproof suit and wellies and dashing outside to play in the snow. That's the feeling that i can remember so well - the anticipation of an afternoon sledging and all of the fun it brought!

They spent the afternoon building the doomed snowman, throwing snowballs and having a lovely time! I took some photos from the bedroom window:

After a good couple of hours, wet and cold, she had disappeared in to her friends' home for pancakes and hot chocolate - oh i was SO jealous! Mia was extremely happy when she came home - "that was the best afternoon ever, Mum", she told me, whilst covering the radiator with wet socks and gloves - which brings home another childhood "post-sledging" memory!

So we had a very content, sleepy girl last night as we settled down to watch a family film before bed:

earlier on in the evening whilst i'd nipped to Tesco (in my wellies!) to buy our Sunday morning pastries, there was talk of a load more snow overnight - which had added to her anticipation of another fun day today...hence "The Snowman" moment first thing this morning! Even the pastries did nothing to lift her mood!(oh look at the face!)

But they certainly did for me!

I hope you all had a lovely (warm!) weekend xx


  1. What a lovely story! =] It sounds like the whole world stopped and held its breath for the afternoon but, then, ah well, it rushes on... Now, you have to wait for it to happen again...and, it will! (someday!=])

    Hugs of commiseration to your daughter!

  2. we had a quiet weekend. We are toasty and warm in front of the woodburner. Our snow came and went as we had rain. we have a skating rink for a patio as it is still very cold. no snow day for us tomorrow. have a good week.

  3. It sounds like we've had busy snowy weekends.Amazing how a little bit of snow can make children so happy .Just found your lovely blog,I'm now following
    XX Manda XX

  4. Ah,bless her,it's so sad when the snowman melts away so quickly.I can remember Winters as a child when our snowman stayed in the garden for ages...each day getting gradually smaller and smaller! :0)

  5. Hello - I have hopped over to your blog via Patricia's 'A Place for Everything'. Your blog brought back lots of childhood memories for me too! I have become your latest follower! Jan


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