Sunday, 20 January 2013

First Snow...

This weekend Baby Boy experienced his First Snow!... (a little unsure to begin with);

But soon loving the sledge with his big sister!

It was also a time for "FIRST" wellies;

A truly Winter Wonderland..a month too late for Christmas, but just as magical;

It's been a lovely long-weekend, the husband and Mia both had a "snow-day" at home on Friday, and as well at the sledging and some snowy walks i've enjoyed endless cups of tea, candles lit and catching up on blogs. Mia has even decided to write her own blog about her favourite Sylvanian Families (I think in America you will know them as Calico Critters??). We've therefore had lots of fun creating her blog, which can be found on my blogger, and she is looking forward to writing stories and taking photos to accompany them. I've given her my old camera, and today she took some cute photographs of some of her beloved Sylvanian families out in the snow! I've obviously warned her of the dangers that can come with internet use such as this and that she should never share personal information, though saying that, anything she writes will always be checked and published by me, and any comments, etc, will come through to my blogger and I will approve them first of course.

We are still slowly unpacking the last few boxes from the move, and I am really enjoying our new home; it is still sometimes hard to believe that we are actually here!

Like many we are forecast yet more snow this week, I hope you are all staying safe and warm; Marina xx


  1. What a wonderful day! We haven't snow here and I like a lot when I see photos like yours.



  2. A weekend of first's for your little one, what a beautiful smile! Looks like a lot of fun was had.
    Lisa x

  3. Oh my Marina! Your new home looks amazing!! Completely and utterly! And huuuuuge!
    Loving the snow pics and Baby Boy looks shocked at first but soon got into it, didn't he?!
    Lovely children - so glad things are working out well for you.
    Love Gem x x x

  4. Great pics. I'm glad that everyone had a lovely 'snow day'. You certainly had a proper covering of the white stuff! Jx

  5. So lovely to read a post by you again. So glad the house move went well. Love your snow photo's bless the children they look like they had great fun. I hope your little one enjoys writing her blog and makes lots of lovely new friends. dee xx

  6. Oooo it looks so snowy by you! Love the kid's hats, they're amazing! It's not been too snowy in my town, it's all pretty much gone now, but at university it did not stop snowing all day yesterday and the campus looked so pretty! (Could only find someone's Instagram pic of what it looks like! - )
    Ahh that's lovely Mia is making a blog about her Sylvanian Families, hope she has fun doing it! Will be nice for her to look back on when she's older!
    & glad you're liking the new house xxx


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